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    Hästens Launches Limited Edition Stockholm White Bed

    Swedish brand Hästens launches new limited edition Stockholm White Bed. Inspired by the iconic color ‘Stockholmsvit‘, established in Sweden during the 1950’s, the 2014 limited edition bed is a tribute to the company’s heritage. The color ‘Stockholmsvit’ is a genuine Swedish tone, established during the 1950’s when Scandinavian design began to emerge. Influenced by modernism […] More

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    First Ever World Luxury Expo in Dubai

    First ever World Luxury Expo in Dubai, will take place at “the world’s most luxurious hotel”, the Burj Al Arab from 15-17 January 2013. Through three-day, ultra-lavish event, only elites with deep pocket will have that honor to see the masterpieces of world’s leading luxury brands, most of them offering limited edition, once-off or bespoke […] More