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    Private Florida Island with Exclusive Villa On Sale

    Do you want the whole island for yourself? If you have some savings aside, at least €2.791 million ($3.81 million), you could turn your dream into reality. Recently, small private Florida island with exclusive villa adjoining, directly overlooking the sea, in the beautiful scenery of Tampa Bay in the Atlantic Ocean has been listed on […] More

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    Palazzo del Gattopardo Estate on Sale for €2.3 Million

    Palazzo del Gattopardo in the historic centre of the small town of Feltre, in northeastern Italy, at the foot of the Dolomites has been listed on sale for €2.3 million ($3.13 million). The property consists of a large portion of an Eighteenth Century building which is a true expression of Baroque architecture, of which it […] More

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    Luxury Historic Estate in Portofino on Sale for $35 Million

    Portofino is a famous village of the Ligure riviera, but is actually a synonymous for sanctuary of the celebrities. With its narrow and coloured houses, leaning against one another, it looks like a simple fishermen village, and it really was until the 1950’s, when some people found it, told their friends, who told their friends […] More