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Hummer H2 SUT With Six Wheels On Sale

In Texas, is on sale a modified Hummer H2 SUT from 2009, which has an extra pair of wheels. Thus, the Hummer H2 SUT with six wheels that costs a little less than $ 100,000 (or more precisely, 98,950 US dollars), comes with “Flat Dark Earth” color, black XD Series wheels, modified suspension and a […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Driving Hummer Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger is driving trough the town in Hummer on which side is written “Terminator”. Perhaps is this American actor entered in the late years of life, but he does not give up its tough guy style. Recently, we have just find out from Arnold that in his collection of cars, despite the large number […]

Nygard Cay Beach Resort On Bahamas

Quiet coves and quiet beaches the Bahamas offer visitors the most intimate moments of almost heavenly space, which represents about 700 palm islands. Baptized by Columbus as – baja mar (meaning “shallow water”), this island with its stunning color shades of sand and sea, which involves space Color range from turquoise to pink sparkling rose, […]

Fully-Armed Black Knight Hummer H2 on Sale for $55,000

On eBay, you can buy literally everything, even heavily-armed vehicle. The question is why would you need it, but for $55,000, the a 2003 H2 Hummer dubbed “The Black Knight” can be your. This heavily modified “Black Knight” Hummer H2 comes with the Nitrous Oxide Purge System and Lambo scissor doors and has 86,000 miles […]

The Ultimate Hummer Expirience – 18 Seater Silver Hummerzine Limo

18 Seater Silver Hummerzine Limo Innovative luxury limousine hire company, Limo-Scene, has unveiled one of the newest additions to its fleet, an extremely rare gigantic 18 Seater Silver Hummerzine Limo. This luxury hummer boasts of extra headroom, luxury seating, and disco lighting, laser lights, outside neon and strobe lighting and multiple LCD screens. Also available […]