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    BMW i8 Computerized Car Key

    BMW has created for the model i8 a new kind of ” key ” with the display, through which the user receives information relevant to driving the car with hybrid drive. Since the manufacturers have introduced a lock without a conventional key, and starting the engine by using the button, its design is significantly changed. […] More

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    BMW ”i” Lines of Accessories

    After the successful launch of the i3 and i8 collection, BMW has launch another line of lifestyle accessories based on the ”i” brand. Named “BMW i collection” this line of accessories is eco friendly character, which marked the vision of the Bavarian automaker. In contrast to ordinary collections of accessories that launch luxury car manufacturers, […] More

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    Serial BMW i8 Officially At Frankfurt Motor Show

    BMW i3 has been presented, and now the serial i8, at a cost of $167,000, will be presented at Frankfurt Motor Show. Family of BMW‘s new sub-brand “i” will in fact have a few more members. The new BMW i8 is Sporty 2 2 Plug-in Hybrid, which will dispose of a combined power output of […] More