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MacBook Air Supreme Fire Edition by Stuart Hughes – The World’s Most Expensive MacBook Air

How do you beat a $208k MacBook Air? The folks that brought you the MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition consisting of 2,500 grams of platinum and 25.5 cts of flawless diamonds have outdone themselves. The all new MacBook Air Supreme Fire Edition from Stuart Hughes has now surpassed the previous MacBook and with a price […]

Most Expensive Phone: iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose, Uniquely Designed and Crafted by Stuart Hughes

Now I know the iPhone 3GS is a good smartphone, and is classed as the king of smartphones, but come on, some people really must have more money than sense, and it appears it’s the Australians. The Australian gold mining crowd clearly has more money than sense, as it’s been revealed the iPhone 3GS Supreme […]