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The Worlds Most Expensive Phone – iPhone 4 Diamond Rose by Stuart Hughes

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition by Stuart Hughes Stuart Hughes definitely knows how to raise the bar when it comes to customizing some of today’s most popular gadgets. Stuart Hughes gives his Midas touch to a new edition of the iPhone 4 Diamond Rose. It was made for Tony Sage, renowned in the gold mining […]

iPhone 4 Swarovski Gold & Platinum Edition

iPhone 4 Swarovski Gold & Platinum Edition Stuart Hughes rolls out two more dazzling gadget. This time he has covered up the iPhone 4 in gold and platinum and caked the rim with intricately placed finest quality Swarovski crystals. Dubbed as iPhone 4 Swarovski & Platinum Edition and iPhone 4 Swarovski & Gold Edition, each […]

Personalized Gold and Diamonds iPhone 4 Cases by Amosu

Personalized Gold and Diamonds iPhone 4 Cases by Amosu While we are still waiting for Amosu to dress up an iPhone 4 in gold or some other precious metal, the brand has rolled out a line of exotic iPhone 4 Cases. These exclusive iPhone 4 cases are hand stitched with exotic Crocodile and Python skin. […]

iPhone 4 Black Diamond by Gresso Solve the Signal Problem

Gresso, a well known company for luxury devices has come up with the new one this time in the form of iPhone 4 Black Diamond. Along with enhancing its glam factor, they are also claiming to eliminate the signal problems. This time they have studded the 18 carat gold Apple logo on the unique 200-year-old […]

Luxury MJ iPhone 4 Limited Edition Cases in Animal Skin with White Gold and Diamond Apple

If you’re not one of the PETA people, and bored of iPhone cases done up in Swarovski crystal, 200-year-old African Blackwood or Diamond and Gold edition of iPhone 4, then do check out MJ Apple iPhone Limited Edition cases. You can pick from limited edition Apple iPhone 4 cases crafted in Stingray Polished version or a […]

Apple iPhone 4 – 18carat Limited Edition African Blackwood from Gresso

If you want an iPhone 4 that’s more than just the standard fare, then this one by Gresso might just be the thing you’re looking for. In the design they used 200 year old African Blackwood for a case, and 18 karat gold for an Apple logo soon. There will be two devices available, one […]

CrystalRoc Bejeweled Your iPhone 4 with Swarovski Crystals

High-tech device should be given a high price accessories, silicon case seems like an old fashion but giving a luxurious touch, will make people couldn’t stop starring up to your gadget. Like this fabulous iPhone 4 case from CrystalRoc. Strewn with 1,500 Swarovski crystals atop a chrome base that clips easily onto an iPhone 4, […]