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New Givori Calypso Diamond iPhone 6S Model

A company that is specializes in creating exclusive phone models, Givori, knows no boundaries when it comes to luxury accessories for phones. This brand, based in the United Arab Emirates, recently has introduced its range of Calypso models, a limited edition of model iPhone 6S, which is covered with 1,091 diamonds of 10 carats. The […]

Biome Flora Terrarium That Links to Your iPad or iPhone

Now you can control plants with your iPhone. London based designer Samuel Wilkinson has designed a flora terrarium that links to your iPad or iPhone. The climate conditions, water level, and nutrients of this innovative terrarium, dubbed Biome are controlled via an application for smartphones and iPads. Low-energy lighting built into the top of the […]

iPhone 6 That Will Cost You $10,000

Another luxurious treatment for Apple’s baby. iPhone 6 worth $10,000. Even more extravagant and expensive then Gresso’s $5,000 18-Carat Gold iPhone 6 case. New luxury brand PARCO MURA just unveiled this refined iPhone 6 with a 4.7″ display. But what makes this device so special is fact that it’s covered with 24-karat rose gold and […]

Turn Your iPhone Into A Batmobile

What happens when Apple and Batman find themselves on the same task? This Chinese factory knows the best, and now you can hold the Batman in your hand.  Chinese manufacturer of toys, Toy People, has presented a Batmobile in the form of case for new iPhone 6. That this is not an ordinary case, shows […]

Bowers & Wilkins Launches P5 Series 2 Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins launches P5 Series 2 headphones. Using driver technology adapted from the award-winning P7 headphones, the new P5 Series 2 brings true Hi-Fi sound to headphones designed to carry anywhere and everywhere. This is an updated model of the original P5 cans, but with the power, precision and true Hi-Fi sound delivered by […]

The Most Expensive iPhone Case Costs $481,000

In the past, mobile phones were full of differences, when on the market was more popular brands and styles. Nowadays, it is still difficult to express creativity in this field, especially on parts small enough to fit in your pocket. These cases for mobile phones are a welcome change in an environment where everything comes […]

DEOS Diamond Earphones For iPod

If you want to accessories your Apple products DEOS (Defining Expression of Sound) has some very fancy options for you. A New York-based company has manufactured covers for earphones that are covered in 302 diamonds. These titanium earphones have diamonds weighing approximately 4.5 Carat. This glittery product can easily slip and lock on a normal […]