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iPhone 4/4s Gold-plated Back Plate and Bumper

Though iPhone 4/4S have already got their due share of blinged versions, Crystal Rocked now offer a full iPhone luxury package which instantly turns your iphones in to an eye catching gadget. This is a 24ct Gold or Chrome plated back plate which has to be replaced with the existing back plate to turn your […]

Behringer iNuke Boom iPod Dock is the Size of a Car

What do you do to get the attention of customers who are bored with traditional iPhone docks? You create a huge 4-foot tall by 8-foot wide, 10,000 watts.-Watt iPhone/iPad dock called the iNuke Boom. Made by Behringer, a German company more well known for its professional audio products, this $30,000, car-sized contraption weighs 700 pounds, meaning you’re […]

Traxxas XO-1 – World’s Fastest 100-mph Ready-ro-Race RC Car

For 25 years well known remote control car manufacturer, Traxxas can now boast with the XO-1, an all-wheel-drive electric RC Car. Traxxas XO-1 is able to hit speeds of more than 100 mph with the aid of a new iOS app, which makes it world’s fastest remote control car for big boys. This pre-assembled car is capable […]

Lou Reed X10i Signature Edition Headphones Coming From Klipsch

Klipsch, renowned manufacturer of luxury audio products has teamed up with the legendary singer/songwriter/musical novelist to bring you the Lou Reed X10i Signature Edition Headphones. These special headphones are designed primarily for Apple iDevices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad series. Along with its highly-acclaimed sound quality, Lou Reed X10i comes with a […]

De Bethune Dream Watch IV iPhone 4S Luxury Case – Limited Edition

De Bethune has launched Dream Watch IV case – some kind of reincarnation of De Bethune watch auctioned for Only Watch 2011. This spaceship inspired, futuristic iPhone shield, a tribute to Steve Jobs, is limited to just 12 pieces. Dream Watch IV iPhone 4S Luxury Case is made from polished, bead-blasted titanium. The watch dial itself is […]

En & Is Gold MegaPhone iPod Amplifier

Designing duo Enrico Bosa and Isabella Lovero of the En & Is fame, have put in their latest streak of creativity in the iPod MegaPhones, currently on the market in 3 different color options: white, black and gold finished. The MegaPhone is a ceramic passive amplifier created for the iphone and ipod touch. Using no electricity, […]

Add Some Color to Your iPhone 4S

ColorWare, a company that specializes in painting gadgets, is now ready to turn your iPhone 4S green, pink, yellow, or some combination of dozens of colors beyond black or white. Similar to its iPhone 4 treatments, you’ll be able to spice up your device, and its earbuds, with a mixture of glossy, metallic and soft-touch […]