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Q By Aston Martin Vanquish Satin Jet Black

Q By Aston Martin Vanquish Satin Jet Black

Q by Aston Martin, department for personalization of the British manufacturer, has introduced a special edition of Vanquish Coupe model for 2015. This Vanquish Coupe attracts attention by satin jet black exterior, set of satin black 20-inch alloy wheels, two-tone leather interior in red and black combination, as well as labels manufacturer of carbon fiber. […]

First Range of Pilatus PC-24 Jets Sold Out

First Range of Pilatus PC-24 Jets Sold Out

Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus Aircraft Ltd chose European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition to introduce its innovations – Pilatus PC-24 … This super versatile jet was presented at the aforementioned convention which was held in Geneva in May last year, and now, a year later, the company received the first order for new aircraft. The […]

HondaJet To Be Delivered Next Year

HondaJet To Be Delivered Next Year

We wrote so many times about HondaJet, about first production, its first flight…Now, the last information is about the delivery of this light business jet is planned for second quarter of 2015. Japanese brand revealed the first production HondaJet, and also added that it will soon conduct initial ground tests before taking its first flight […]

World’s First Supersonic Business Jet by Spike Aerospace

Boston based company is developing a supersonic business jet that can fly from New York to London in just 3 hours

Imagine flying from New York to London in 3 hours! If believe Boston based Spike Aerospace, their aircraft Spike S-512 will be the world’s first supersonic business jet that would be capable of reaching speeds of Mach 1.8. That’s an incredible 1370 mph. Enough that this currently an impossible mission becomes reality. The Spike team, […]

First Production HondaJet Is Nearing Completion


Honda is a leader in the automotive, motorsport, power equipment and racing worlds, but the one category it has been absent from up until a few years ago was aviation. Company’s Hondajet has been in development for roughly a decade and half. The project was launched in 1997 and first flight of a proof of […]

Travel in Style – Tony Blair Rents £30million Private Jet – £7,000-an-hour

Blair Force One

Although he may own six or more homes, have an income of around £20 million a year, Tony Blair says: “This notion that I want to be a billionaire with a yacht; I don’t. I am never going to be part of the super-rich. I have no interest in that at all.” What will former […]

wFoil Albatross, Something Between the Boat and Aircraft

Fly This Boat Right Over the Water: Meet the wFoil Albatross

wFoil 18 Albatross hydro foil actually flies over the water. More than a boat, the wFoil uses its hydrofoils to soar above the water in much the same way a plane uses its wings, giving you the option of bypassing rough waters by speeding over them. It can reach speeds up to 90 mph. The […]