Bottle of 1773 French Wine Fetches Record Price

A bottle of Vin Jaune (Yellow Wine) from 1774 A bottle of Vin Jaune (Yellow Wine) from 1774 (AFP, ARBOIS, France) — An amateur wine group paid a record €57,000 ($77,000) Saturday for a 237-year-old bottle of wine from France’s eastern Jura region at a local wine festival auction. Finally, yellow wine has hit the big leagues, said wine festival founder Bernard Badoz of Jura’s trademark beverage. To sell a bottle for €57,000 euros is not crazy, he said of the 1773 bottle that came from a Louis XV-era vine and grapes harvested during the reign of Louis XVI. Swiss aficionado Pierre Chevrier, who bought the bottle on behalf of an amateur wine group, did not appear stunned by the price. My passion is to open bottles and I am delighted to have bought this bottle of yellow wine, which I will drink, he said.