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    The Royal Diaper Pail By Munchkin Worth $1 Million

    The Royal Diaper Pail By Munchkin One more precious gift for wealthy. The world’s first luxury diaper disposal system – The Royal Diaper Pail by Munchkin will soon be available to affluent couples for the price of $1,000,000 at Diaper Pail. Munchkin has gifted the first production model of the Royal Diaper Pail to the […] More

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    Royal Wedding Single Malt For Kate And William

    Royal Wedding Single Malt Beautiful Scottish tradition calls for laying a cask of whisky when a child is born, and years later the groom and bride’s casks will be blended for their wedding. For Prince William and Kate Middleton`s upcoming wedding, tradition comes first. Therefore the English Whisky Company has been commissioned to create this […] More

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    All Known Details Of The Upcoming Royal Wedding

    Prince William and Catherine Middleton Royal wedding is approaching, and interest in details does not stop. Many are officially published and many are just guessing. In one month we will have the full truth about all the details, but until April 29, 2011 we write about what we have been able to find out. Kate […] More