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Limited Edition Ferrari Opus Make Debut at Melbourne Grand Prix

Limited Edition Ferrari Opus A one-of-a-kind $275,000 Ferrari will debut at the 2011 Melbourne Grand Prix on March 27, but it’s probably not exactly what you have in mind. Luxury publisher Kraken Opus, which is famous for producing premium, outsized editions on subjects including sports teams, celebrities, fashion and art, has now come up with the Limited […]

Kraken Spiced Rum – The First 3D Liquor Bottle

Kraken Spiced Rum I know many people see double when they are drunk but with the new Kraken Rum people will see in 3D. Kraken a relatively new liquor-brand is grabbing eyeballs with their 3D Rum Bottles that ship with stylish 3D shades. These special bottles will carry limited-edition labels with blurry, red-and-blue cephalopods rising […]