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Lamborghini 5-95 By Zagato

Another premiere of this year's Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este event in Italy is Lamborghini 5-95

Another premiere of this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este event in Italy is Lamborghini 5-95, for wich appearance is responsible design house Zagato. The car is otherwise created by order of Albert Spiess who is one of the most important Lamborghini collectors. This is happening all on the occasion of 95 anniversary of the Italian […]

Lamborghini Huracan As Police Car In Italy

Lamborghini Huracan As Police Car In Italy

When you hear this, you think twice before you do a crime in Italy. Like its predecessor, Gallardo, the new Lamborghini LP610-4 Huracan will serve as a police car in Italy. Huracan LP610-4 Polizia has got a distinctive blue-and-white “uniform” with label “Polizia” and all the necessary police equipment. To drive this sporty two-seater is […]

Ride In London’s First Lamborghini Cab

Ride In London's First Lamborghini Cab

The capital of England is known for many things. There are the Buckingham Palace, the London “Eye” and the black taxi vehicles. Recently, another black cab cruising the London causing quite a reaction. Thanks to the company “Pure Rally” London has got another taxi vehicle. In black of course, with a distinctive yellow TAXI sign […]

Special Lamborghini Aventador Jackie Chan Edition

Special Lamborghini Aventador Jackie Chan Edition

Lamborghini will expose, at the upcoming motor show in Beijing, the unique Lamborghini Aventador Jackie Chan Edition. This special Aventador, which is part of Lamborghini Ad Personam program for individualization, received a titanium gray exterior, Nero Ade alloy wheels, black and red interior, as well as the word “Long” at the door and backs of […]

Lamborghini Aventador for the Water

Your supercar yacht – The floating Aventador!

If you already have Lamborghini, you should get a boat to match. Marine Technology‘s floating version of the Lamborghini Aventador was showcased at the 2014 Miami International Boat Show. Modeled on the car, down to the same fighter-jet wedge shape, the yacht has two 1350 Mercury, twin turbo engines, creating up to 2,700 horsepower. It is […]

Lamborghini Gallardo Has Joined Los Angeles Police

Los Angeles police officers who have joined in its fleet the Lamborghini Gallardo

Dubai Police has launched a trend that supercars serve as police patrol cars, which primarily serve to highlight the wealth of the concerned country and to present its police as cool and youthful. The last one who joined this fashion is Los Angeles police officers who have joined in its fleet the Lamborghini Gallardo. The […]

Buy a Penthouse and You’ll Get Lamborghini Aventandor for Free

Dubai developer offering free Lamborghini Aventador with purchase

Each buyer of penthouse apartment in a building Damac Maison in Dubai will get Lamborghini Aventador Roadster for free, while those who opt for a “modest” apartment in the same building will get BMW or MINI. To encourage the customers to invest their money in luxury real estate, Dubai-based luxury developer Damac Properties has decided […]