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    Adidas TRON Legacy Collection – Detailed Look

    Adidas TRON Legacy Collection There is no doubt that these TRON:Legacy inspired sneakers by Adidas are a geek’s dream come true. However, there is a little something extra special about these particular shoes. While many can see that the three-stripes and TRON designs do light up and have a futuristic, glowing presence, not many people […] More

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    Special Edition TRON Legacy Adidas Collection Unveiled at Comic Con

    Special Edition TRON Legacy Adidas Collection Adidas has done yet again. Earlier this year they brought out the Star Wars collection and this time they’ve collaborated with Disney’s TRON for more exclusive, special edition creations. The Adidas TRON Legacy Collection will include apparel available in December 2010. Product features will include glow in the dark […] More