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    Hublot’s First Line of Handmade Sunglasses

    Hublot doesn’t waste time. After launching a few special models of its iconic watches, Swiss luxury brand teamed up with Marcus Marienfeld AG and Zeiss to develop their first original pair of sunglasses. Handmade in Switzerland, these sunglasses benefit from the highest level of expertise. Blue-grey CR39 lenses are embedded inside of titanium steel frames. […] More

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    Sony DEV-50V Digital Recording Binoculars

    Sony has introduced a pair of binoculars with digital technology that allows you to record everything you see. A new kind of digital device represents an improvement over the old analog binoculars that are slowly dying out. The new, second-generation of Sony digital binoculars, DEV-50V, allows you to record what you see, while you look through […] More

  • Ray Ban Flip Out Sunglasses

    New Ray-Ban Flip Out Sunglasses

    New Ray-Ban Flip Out Sunglasses remains faithful to the classic style, but is adapted to modern requirements. Offered in both Aviator and Caravan styles,  sunglasses come complete with a kit of three easily interchangeable lenses. The kit comes  comes in three different shades: gold, black and gunmetal. The classic frames not only look elegant but are […] More

  • Gold and Diamond Embedded Contact Lenses

    Limited Edition Gold And Diamond Contact Lenses

    Gold and diamonds in your eyes?! Sounds like a trivial compliment, but this time it is not. Shekhar Eye Research in India, has created Contact Lenses made of Gold and Diamonds. The company worked with Dr. Chandrashekhar Chawan and the contact lenses were designed by Sanjay Shah. Each of the lenses is encrusted with 18 diamonds on […] More