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    Levante – A Very Special Chandelier by De Majo

    The earliest chandeliers date back to the medieval times (although with candles and were used by the wealthy), but through the history they became not only means for illuminating, but also as a decorative focal points for rooms, and often as a status symbol. This decorative ceiling-mounted light fixture has a special treatment by De […] More

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    Maserati Announces New Smaller SUV

    It seems that the new Quattroporte and the upcoming, next-generation GranTurismo and GranTurismo convertible, aren’t enough for Maserati’s corporate parents at Fiat, so they have a plans to produce a slightly smaller sedan called the Ghibli, and its also smaller SUV buddy called the Levante, which was previewed by the Kubang concept that debuted last […] More