$10.000 Ticket Price for Luxury Train From Beijing To Lhasa???

See Amazing Scenery in the Tibet Train See Amazing Scenery in the Tibet Train (Photo: China Odyssey Tours) According to an official with Tibet Tourism Bureau, a Luxury Train from Beijing to Lhasa, capital of Tibet autonomous region, with a ticket price of more than $10,000 is expected to put into operation this year. Liao Lisheng, director of policies and regulations department of Tibet Tourism Bureau, said the train can only take 108 passengers and its travel time would last a week. The rooms on the train will be classified into different standards and luxuries for passengers include baths and meeting areas, Liao said. The information drew much attention among the public immediately after the report was released.  Now, China’s Ministry of Railways refuted this information, saying there is no such plan at the moment, the Beijing Times reported.