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Vianney Halter’s Deep Space Tourbillon

The new watch by Vianney Halter is a break from his usual style. A triple axis tourbillon worthy of any top notch collector. On the wrist, it is quite mesmerising. Seven years ago Vianney Halter launched its last watch. After long waiting we now get an opportunity to see Vianney Halter new masterpiece, the Deep […]

Montecarlo Automobile Rascasse

Montecarlo Automobile Rascasse is a sports car from the Principality of Monaco, which will be produced in an edition of only 15 pieces, at a price of $655,000 per copy. Montecarlo Automobile announces that top version will have a hybrid drive system, four-wheel, as well as parts of magnesium and carbon fiber. In short, this […]

Lamborghini Gallardo India Limited Edition

While we waiting for the new generation of Gallarado, Lamborghini in India has unveiled another special edition of still current model. The Gallardo India Limited Edition is designed for the Indian market where it will be offered in a limited edition of only 6 pieces. With India Limited Edition Gallardo, Lamborghini continues to mark its […]

Moncenisio Project From StudioTorino

Italian StudioTorino with a few drawings and a brief statement announcing its new creation StudioTorino Moncenisio for which base was used the new Porsche Cayman. There is no more specific details for the moment, but it is known that the first copy of the car will be ready in October and will be made ​​in […]

Limited Edition One-Of-A-Kind Centenary Table From Frank Pollaro

Frank Pollaro designed one-of-a-kind Centenary Table in honor of Napa Valley’s Robert Mondavi Winery which celebrate their 100 anniversary. Father of the American fine wine industry loved good food, art, and a nice bottle of wine, so Pollaro decided to repay him with these unique pieces of furniture. It is going to be made in limited […]

Hennessy X.O Exclusive Collection VI and Hennessy Paradis Imperial

The world begins to learns about cognac, due to trade in wine and salt, when traders with their supplies of salt for Norway, England and the Netherlands, began to export wine from this region. As the wine due to the large volume, volatility, and perishability was difficult to transport, Dutch traders and local growers came […]

Limite Edition LaFerrari Sculpture Scale 1:18

Presented on this year’s Geneva Motor Show, LaFerrari is an exclusive modern super car that rolled off the production line in factory in Maranello. Ferrari’s first hybrid, which will be produced in only 499 copies, it immediately became a hit among car enthusiasts with deep pockets. Despite a price of $1.7milion, factory received more than […]