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Limited Edition 252-hp Audi A1 Quattro

Audi A1 Quattro Limited Edition

Just in time for Christmas, German automaker presents a limited edition, high performance version of its smallest car in the family – Audi A1 Quattro. Not only does the A1 Quattro look stunning – muscular front bumper and red curved bars in the headlights – but it’s also got some serious ponies under its hood. As its […]

$420 Cohiba Behike Cigar – Limited Edition

Cohiba Behike Cigar Box - Limited Edition

Cohiba Behike Cigar has presented a Limited Edition Box of its finest cigars. Specially made inside the El Laguito Cohiba factory, the Cohiba Behike Cigar was perfectly blended from various tobaccos grown in Pinar del Rio and Vuelto Abajo regions of Cuba. Apart from the rare breed of tobacco, it has also been revealed that each […]

The Art of Fusion – Limited Edition Hublot Jet Li Watch

Limited Edition Hublot Aero Bang 44 mm Jet Li Watch

Hublot, the Swiss luxury watch brand, brought The Art of Fusion to Dalian, China, where it held a grand launch ceremony for its Limited Edition Aero Bang 44 mm Jet Li Watch. Jet Li joined the Hublot family in November 2010 to become its first brand ambassador in Asia. The limited edition Hublot Jet Li watch designed together […]

Buche de Belvedere Vodka – Limited Edition

Buche de Belvedere Vodka for Christmas 2011

This winter, Belvedere Vodka pays homage to the famous silver birch trees emblematic of the brand by launching the special edition of their Belvedere Pure, packaged in a metallic Buche de Noel for Christmas 2011. This Buche de Belvedere Vodka has an engraved silver chromed metal sleeve embossed with a holly leaf which slides over […]

Limited Edition The Adventures of Tintin 3D Gascan Glasses

Limited Edition The Adventures of Tintin 3D Gascan Glasses

Oakley commemorates The Adventures of Tintin, by launching their special edition 3D Gascan Glasses. New 3D film directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Peter Jackson hits theaters on December 21st. Oakley 3D glasses are the world’s first optically correct 3D eyewear, which should cut down on unwanted magnifying of certain objects. This glasses have earned official certification by […]

BAC Mono Single Seat Race Car Priced at $130,000

Limited edition BAC Mono single-seater race car

If you are a weekend track fan that enjoys exclusive sports cars and pockets deep enough to afford their hobby, you will be happy to hear that the BAC Mono Single Seat Racer will be arriving in the U. S.  Sector 111 LLC has been the company who will be bringing the car to the […]

Limited Edition Swarovski Dr Dre Detox Pro Headsets by Crystal Rocked

Limited Edition Swarovski Dr Dre Detox Pro Headsets by Crystal Rocked

To celebrate the release of Dr. Dre’s new and much awaited Detox album, Crystal Rocked has come out with the limited edition Swarovski Detox Pro Headset so you can feel and hear the music how Dre intended. Designed by the famous rapper himself, the headset sports lightweight aluminum frame and well padded ear cushions for […]