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Greatest Hits On Audio Fidelity’s 24K Gold CDs

Audio Fidelity’s 24K Gold CDs

  Audio Fidelity has launched a limited edition series of 24K Gold CDs with greatest hits of classic rock & rol’s music. It comes in deluxe packaging with see-through slip cases. Thanks to 24karat gold coated on CD, it reproduce the ultimate sound of a classic recorded performance without the irregular plated surfaces of standard […]

$40,000 Prada Crocodile Skin Bag – Limited Edition

Prada Limited Edition Handbag

The latest luxury creation from the fashion icon, Prada comes in a shape of a gorgeous Handbag made from crocodile skin and lined with napa leather. As it is expected from such a brand, the bag isn’t cheap, it is priced at $40,000! The bag is limited to 22 pieces, and it comes in two […]

Click’n Move Seven By Kiddy – Only 777 Special Edition Strollers

Click'n Move Seven Limited Edition Strollers

The Click’n Move Seven by Kiddy is a luxury stroller that will make life a bit easier for all moms. This 777 special edition strollers were launched at 7pm on 7 July by international baby product brand Prebebe. It’s Click’n Move Seven, a stroller introduced in the concept of the number 7 with 7 special functions  like opening and […]

Limited Edition Phantom 4D Bicycle From LDG & Hurley

Nike Hurley Air Max 90 Sneakers from Hurley Phantom 4D Capsule Collection

Phantom 4D Bicycle is the latest  collection collaboration between LDG (The Livery Design Gruppe’s) and Youth-lifestyle brand Hurley. They have celebrated launch of a limited edition of only five bikes at the VIP opening party of Nike’s new Salvation Malibu store on July 7, 2011. The LDG & Hurley Phantom 4D is a collaboration Boardshort […]

Ospina Dynasty Coffee Awakens All The Senses

Ospina Dynasty Coffee

Ospina Dynasty Coffee A cup of strong quality coffee can really wake up many senses. Ospina Dynasty Coffee from Ospina Coffee Co. does exactly that, because it is the cumulative achievement of five generations of coffee lovers and the product of a land so rich and lush that it is unmatched by any other place on […]

The Bald Eagle Sculpture By Swarovski – Limited Edition

Limited Edition 2011 Bald Eagle Sculpture by Swarovski

Limited Edition 2011 Bald Eagle Sculpture by Swarovski The Limited Edition 2011 Bald Eagle Sculpture is the largest cut colored crystal ever launched by Swarovski. Each of 10.000 limited pieces is signed by Swarovski Designer Heinz Tabertshofer, and engraved with the Swarovski signature logo and individually numbered. The Bald Eagle is exquisitely crafted in faceted Amber crystal […]