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Shape Audio’s Organic Harmony Speakers Adds Music to the Sculpture


Shape Audio – Organic Harmony Speakers Luciano Pasquariello, creator of Shape Audio, has crafted Organic Harmonty, a stunning metal based sculpture sound system. The shape has been inspired by examples in nature where things grow organically to take the final shape that is beautiful and perfect. Organic Harmony is a beautifully shaped 1350×270 mm Omnidirectional stereo […]

Roland Iten Bugatti Edition Mechanical Belt Buckle – Firmly Holds And Adorns Your Pants


Roland Iten R22 Mk.I-22mm Bugatti Edition Mechanical Buckle Roland Iten is already known as manufacturer of  the unique hi-precision Mechanical Belt Buckles. Now, they teamed up with Bugatti Automobiles to create the R22 Mk.I – 22mm mechanical belt buckle, a masterpiece of fine-tuning for all  refined, sophisticated and fastidious gentlemen. Roland Iten has designed a […]

Limited Edition MB&F HM3 ReBel – Watch For Stylish Rebels


Limited Edition MB&F HM3 ReBel Watch MB&F designed a new HM3 (Horological Machine No. 3) watch in partnership with Laurent Picciotto. The full mark of watch is HM3 ReBel, R for right (hand), B for Black (case). The rebels in this case are those who want to wear their watch on the right wrist, rather […]

Bentley Supersports Light Body Limited Edition


Bentley Supersports Light Body Limited Edition Breitling for Bentley’s new super-sporty titanium model is revealed today (NB: Geneva Motor Show March 1) to celebrate the ice speed record set two weeks ago by Finland’s four-time world rally champion Juha Kankkunen in a Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible. Driving the all-wheel drive, biofuel-powered 6-litre, 12-cylinder Continental Supersports […]

Bentley Supersports Ice Speed Record Convertible Debuts at geneva Show

Bentley Supersports Ice Speed Record Convertible

Celebration of Bentley’s world ice speed record- breaking Supersports convertible driven by rally champion, Juha Kankkunen Bentley Supersports Ice Speed Record Convertible (Geneva, 28 February 2011) Bentley announces today its most potent and radically styled convertible ever – the 202mph (325km/h) Supersports ‘Ice Speed Record’ convertible. This new model, limited to just 100 cars worldwide, […]

Daft Punk Teams with Coca-Cola For Club Coke


Limited Edition Daft Punk Coca Cola – Club Coke 2011 Daft Punk made their latest mark on mainstream pop culture with their soundtrack for Disney’s TRON: Legacy but now they’re making their way into the food industry, thanks to a partnership with Coca-Cola. French house DJ duo is teaming up with Coca-Cola in the design of […]

Travel In Style – Limited Edition Tumi Tag Luggage


Limited Edition Tumi Tag Luggage A new line of graffiti luggage sets called Tag Limited Edition is emerged as result of cooperation Luggage firm Tumi and legendary urban artist John Crash Martos. Collection consists of the four pieces with a different style. Each piece features a print illustration, light alloy wheels and X-Brace 45 handles, […]