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    HBC Offers Free Lotus with Hawker 4000 Private Jet

    H4000 with Lotus Exos T125 Buy X and get a free Y is probably one of the oldest marketing come-ons in sales. Hawker Beechcraft  is taking the concept to a new level. Days after the announcement of a strategic alliance between luxury jet makers, HBC (Hawker Beechcraft Corporation) and Group Lotus, the combined entity has come out […] More

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    Hennessey Venom GT – Veyron Killer Hits Production

    Hennessey Performance revealed the official details on the Venom GT supercar. Based on a Lotus Elise, their kit will be limited to only 10 units, 4 of them already being ordered. 2011 Venom GT is built on a heavily molested Lotus Elise chassis and driven by one of three versions of the 6.2-liter LS9 V8 […] More

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    Hennessey Venom GT – A Pictures Tells a Thousand Horsepower

    Hennessey Venom GT Due to a lack of exhibition space at the Geneva Motor Show, the upcoming hypercar Venom GT from Hennessey Performance won’t be appearing next month. Instead, HP will introduce the Venom GT at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK this July, according to an Autoblog report. The Venom GT is […] More