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    The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong – The World’s Tallest Hotel

    Maybe the Ritz-Carlton saw the Armani Hotel Dubai in the Burj Khalifa (the current tallest building in the world) as a challenge, or maybe the opening of the tallest hotel in the world was just another way for the legendary hotel group to make an unforgettable impression, but, whatever the case, the Ritz-Carlton’s re-entry into […] More

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    Effegibi Hammam Bathroom Collection – Your Very Own Sauna Spa

    Hammam Bathroom Collection by Effegibi A Hammam is a Turkish take on spas and beauty-steam baths. Now you too can be pampered like the royal queens thanks to the Hammam Bathroom Collection from Italian bathroom designer company Effegibi. The collection transforms an average bathroom into a luxurious home spa so that you can soak your […] More

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    Labyrinth Aquarium: Luxurious home for your fish

    The Labyrinth Aquarium looks like a giant atomic particle science project that also happens to display tropical freshwater fish. This very innovative and rare aquarium is offered in three colors. The tables are produced in cherry, black or carbon fiber and they conceal the rare filtration and lighting components. Fish swim freely throughout the entire […] More