LoveLabels – New Luxury Products Auction Site Coming In May 2011

LoveLabels LoveLabels is a luxury online auction website offering consumers discounts on specific elite lifestyle products and events. In May 2011 the site will be launched and will offer the opportunity to purchase authentic designer products for up to 95% off the original price from such names as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Burberry, Tiffany’s, Gucci, Apple, Rolex and more. LoveLabels is a combination of thrill of an auction, the convenience of the Internet and an amazing selection of luxury men’s and women’s merchandise and high-end electronics and it works like this. First, a potential bidder registers at the site for free and that includes five complimentary bids. Members buy bids in advance; each bid is $0.98, and bids are sold in packs via credit card or Paypal. bids never expire. Once a bidder finds an item to bid on, live bids are placed and with each bid placed, the price of the item increases by 1 cent. Each auction continues as long as people are actively bidding on a product. Every new bid resets the remaining time for an auction up to 20 seconds so others have an opportunity to bid. Like a live auction, the person who makes the final bid wins the item and pays the bid price which is usually a fraction of the item’s original cost. If the shopper does not win the auction, they can still purchase that product from the e-commerce store, and simply apply their bids as a discount.

Limited Edition iPhone 4 Titanium Case from Franck Muller

Franck Muller's iPhone 4 Titanium Case Franck Muller’s iPhone 4 Titanium Case Swiss watch maker Franck Muller has released a special collection of iPhone covers. True to all luxury products, Franck Muller’s latest creations are being sold in limited numbers and there are a total of 6 different models which will be produced just 500 times each. Made from titanium and priced at $1,270 a piece, Franck Muller’s iPhone 4 Titanium Case can be pre-ordered in Japan only from Softbank.

Lori Gardner’s $39,000 Diamond Bathtub

Diamond Bathtub by Lori Gardner Diamond Bathtub by Lori Gardner In the world luxury products, especially in the case of household related product lines, there seems to be no limit to the imagination to which an artist can go and bring out some of most unique and gorgeous masterpieces to enhance the aura of your house. This latest bling-encrusted product gives new meaning to the term bathing in riches. Artist Lori Gardner spent three years creating The Diamond Bathtub. Comprised of 44,928 imported pink crystals, diamond encrusted bathtub is currently on sale for $39,000 at Fleur de Lys in Costa Mesa, California. Each rose pink Swarovski crystal has been affixed by hand to the side of the 19th century-style cast-iron, claw foot bathtub. Though a few details are still a well kept secret, yet it has been said, that if the bather places mirror underneath the Diamond Bathtub, then he would be in for a splendid surprise.

Gresso iPad Covered in 200-Year-old Wood

Gresso iPad crafted in 200-Year-Old wood and 18 ct Gold Apple Logo Gresso iPad crafted in 200-Year-Old wood and 18 ct Gold Apple Logo If you have more money than you need and want to buy a luxury, one of a kind iPad, then Gresso, a well-known name when it comes to luxury products, may just have the right stuff for you, the iPad Gresso. Not just any iPad, designed by Russian luxury manufacturer, this version of the iPad comes framed in 200-year-old African Blackwood, which is said to be the world’s most valuable tree, as well as an 18K pure gold Apple logo. Boasted of being the most valuable tree in the world, the African Blackwood is prized due to the elegant rich ebony look that it renders. African Blackwood is tough owing to some of its natural features and the unique processing technology that has been patented by its designer. The company claims that no two iPads manufactured by them will be alike, each shows off its own uniqueness.

Crystograph iPad and iPahone 4 Ice Edition with Swarovski Crystal

Crystograph iPad and iPahone 4 Ice Edition Crystograph iPad and iPahone 4 Ice Edition Korea based Crystograph has shocked the international market many times by its remarkable luxury products, and now its in mood to do same as previous because now this famous jeweler is with two luxury dazzling products widely used all over the world and these are Ice Edition iPad and iPhone 4 jeweled with Swarovski crystals. Their latest offering is a VVIP special Jeweled iPad Ice Edition that has been done up with 12,000 of fine Swarovski crystals and a stunning iPhone 4 Ice Edition with 2,700 on the detachable slide case. Designed by renowned Korean designer Petria Kwon, the iPad is available in crystal or black diamond versions, whereas the iPad comes set in crystal moonlight.

Porsche Design Heritage Eyewear Collection

Porsche Design Heritage Eyewear Collection Porsche Design Heritage Eyewear Collection
The Porsche Design Studio was established in 1972 by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, designer of the iconic Porsche 911 and grandson of the founder of the world-renowned German automaker. Since then Porsche Design has become synonymous with innovative luxury products boasting immaculate craftsmanship, state of the art technology and the absolute highest quality materials, all adhering to the same clear functionality of form. While the product line ranges from cell phones to superyachts these days, sunglasses, one of the first items produced and one with the strongest ties to driving, remain the most appealing.
Porsche Design is responsible for some of the most iconic sunglasses ever made, seen on a who’s who list from the rich and famous to the infamous during the 1970’s and 80’s. To pay tribute to the most groundbreaking models in their history Porsche Design sunglasses has released their Heritage Collection.

World’s Most Expensive Suit by Stuart Hughes

The man who has an incredible affinity towards gold and diamonds, Stuart Hughes, has finally taken a new road in creating extremely luxurious products for the insanely rich. Mr. Hughes, who is normally associated with the world’s most expensive mobile phone and has been in the business of making ordinary gadgets and gizmos into extraordinary luxury products, has now teamed up with legendary designer, Richard Jewels of Manchester, to bring forth the world’s most expensive suit.
World’s Most Expensive Suit by Stuart Hughes

World’s Most Expensive Suit by Stuart Hughes

The exquisite Cashmere wool and silk suit is adorned with diamonds that give this suit a bespoke look. In all, the suit is trimmed with 480 diamonds weighing 240 carats in totality.