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    Hublot Opens First Flagship Store on West Coast

    Hublot’s Flagship Store in Beverly Hills Hublot has chosen Beverly Hills as the location for its first boutique in the western United States. Luxury watch maker has opted for Beverly Hills, California, because it is known as one of the great capitals of the world luxury. There are some of the most exclusive shops in […] More

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    MB&F Reveals Horological Machine No2 SV Final Edition Watches

    MB&F HM2 Red SV Final Edition Watch Maximilian Busser & Friends (MB&F) make some of the most unusual luxury watches in the industry, we’ve written about their HM3 Frog, HM4 Thunderbolt and HM3 The JwlryMachine Watch previously. Now they’ve released the final iteration of the HM2 watch line, which started life in 2008, called MB&F […] More

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    Limited Edition Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver Boutique Watch

    Limited Edition Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver Boutique Watch After successfully selling high-end luxury watches, cell phones and smartphones, Ulysse Nardin has decided to take the route of taken by many of their competitors. However instead of a full-fledged flagship store by themselves, they have picked a existing dealer Bobby Yampolsky owner of East Coast […] More

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    Celsius X VI II Papillon Tourbillon Mobile Phone – First Micromechanics and Microelectronics Blended Product

    In a world increasingly dominated by electronic devices, it’s occasionally refreshing to see a mechanical device show up again, and this time, it does so in amazing fashion. Upon its first revelation to the world, the tourbillon was seen as a device of magic. It appeared to defy physics, a delicate piece of metallic machinery […] More

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    Patek Philippe’s Ladies First Chronograph – 2009 TimeZone Ladies Watch of the Year

    Patek Philippe’s Ladies First Chronograph watch inspired by Patek Philippe’s Art Deco watch from 1930s, features a cushion-shaped case with rounded angles, warm rose gold tone, ergonomic rectangular pushers and fluted crown. The look is handsome, mature and a little retro, but most importantly, very unique. The Patek Philippe Ladies First Chronograph, reference 7071R, features […] More

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    Jaquet Droz Diamond Studded Watch

    The luxury watches of Jaquet Droz are exuberant, sensual and elegant. Their stylistic is full of class and originality, as emphasized by the transfer of the notes of the celestial sphere in the models of the recent collection. Jaquet Droz was established in the early 1700’s and was purchased in 2004 by the Swatch Group. […] More