Louis Vuitton Shoe Trunk From 1920s Sold For $68,500

Louis Vuitton 1920 Malle Chaussures Louis Vuitton 1920 Malle Chaussures Louis Vuitton Shoe Trunk was the symbol of ultimate Parisian chic, and declared by Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar as a requisite travel accessory of every truly stylish woman on earth in the 1920s. The renowned Malle Chaussures, a 1920s Vuitton shoe trunk is sold by London’s Pullman Gallery for $68,500. Featuring the iconic LV monogram on its canvas-upholstered frame, the trunk showcases old-world craftsmanship as revealed through its meticulous design. Each of the padded drawers features a leather pull tab and nameplate. The trunk contains compartments for 30 pairs of shoes in individual shoe boxes with ancillary drawers and trays for a shoe-cleaning kit.