Limite Edition LaFerrari Sculpture Scale 1:18

Presented on this year’s Geneva Motor Show,
LaFerrari is an exclusive modern super car that rolled off the production line in factory in Maranello. Ferrari’s first hybrid, which will be produced in only 499 copies, it immediately became a hit among car enthusiasts with deep pockets. Despite a price of $1.7milion, factory received more than 1,000 requests for LaFerrari, which means that more than half of the stakeholders will remain empty hands. LaFerrari Sculpture Scale 1:18 For most of us, LaFerrari will remain just a dream. However, there is a possibility that LaFerrari found in our property, and it is a model made with lost wax microcasting and bronze laminated in palladium ​​in the ratio of 1:18. The sculpture is the handiwork of Editalia for Ferrari and has been designed with utmost care and artisan expertise and every aspect of this work has been realized in precision. The top and the glasses have been treated with a double passage of rose gold and black rhodium to obtain a different color effect. The sculpture of LaFerrari will also be made, like the original, in limited edition of 499 copies, and will cots € 4,050 ($5,400). LaFerrari Sculpture Scale 1:18 LaFerrari Sculpture Scale 1:18 LaFerrari Sculpture Scale 1:18

LaFerrari – New Toy From Maranello

The long-awaited
Ferrari‘s top model, which is designed to continue to start a series F40, F50, Enzo, has its premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. Instead of the previously announced internal codes F70 and F150, a new supercar is called LaFerrari. As expected based on previous speculative rendering at the front of the car dominate a huge air deflector that practically covers the entire front bumper. In addition, the molded shape of the hood and narrow elongated headlights that are pushed to the edges of the front wings give the impression of strength and aggressiveness that is hiding in the propulsion system. Round taillights connects the rear spoiler in a “T”. At the bottom of the bumper are two pairs of round exhaust pipes and flair situated between two diffusers.

The New Supercar From Maranello – LaFerrari

The doors open vertically, providing access to the cabin dominated by red skin. Three-spoke steering wheel is notched on the bottom and the top and in front of the driver is a large display with analog tachometer. LaFerrari is 4702 mm long, 1992 mm wide and 1116 mm high only, while its wheelbase 2665 mm. Thanks to the use of lightweight materials in its construction, the weight of the car is only 1255 kg, and is distributed 41 percent in front and 59 percent to the rear axle. Contact with the surface is achieved through 19-inch wheels shod with 265/30 front and 20-inch wheels with tires in size 345/30 on the rear axle. For stopping to safely is entrusted to a Brembo brakes with ceramic discs. In Ferrari were opted for a combination of units of the V12, 6262 cc displacement, and electric motors. V12 is capable to develop 800 hp, at 9000 r / min and maximum torque of 700 Nm, which is available to the driver from 6750 r / min. The electric motor provides more 163 “horses” and 270 Nm. Extra weight HY-KERS electric system is 140 kg, of which 62 kg of waste battery. As a result of this symbiosis, LaFerrari produces a total of 963 hp. All that power is transferred to the wheels through an automatic transmission seventh speed DCT. The Italian manufacturer say that LaFerrari is able to achieve 60mph in less than three and up to 125mph in under seven seconds. To achieve a speed of 185mph, the car takes about 15 seconds and the car can develop a maximum 220mph. Ferrari has confirmed that it plans to produce only 499 copies of the new model, and most of the cars were sold in advance. For some copies that are still available it is necessary to allocate a sum of $1.7million. [youtube][/youtube]

The new LaFerrari hybrid car is pictured on the Ferrari stand during the first media day of the 83rd Geneva Car Show

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Limited Edition Ferrari Opus Make Debut at Melbourne Grand Prix

Limited Edition Ferrari Opus Limited Edition Ferrari Opus A one-of-a-kind $275,000 Ferrari will debut at the 2011 Melbourne Grand Prix on March 27, but it’s probably not exactly what you have in mind. Luxury publisher Kraken Opus, which is famous for producing premium, outsized editions on subjects including sports teams, celebrities, fashion and art, has now come up with the Limited Edition Official Ferrari Opus. Italian sports car manufacturer based in Maranello has said that The Official Ferrari Opus is the most lavish and most valuable historical reference Ferrari has ever produced. The limited edition book, weighing in at 37 kilos, comes with 852 pages, each measuring half a square metre, 150,000 words and more than 2.000 pictures, many of which were specially commissioned for the Opus or come from Ferrari’s historic records and have never previously been published. The Opus includes gatefold pictures two metres long and exclusive interviews the motorsport legends that have been part of Ferrari’s unique history.

2012 Ferrari FF – First-ever Production Four-wheel-drive Ferrari

2012 Ferrari FF 2012 Ferrari FF Ferrari has finally revealed the official details on their new FF, an acronym for Ferrari Four (four seats and four-wheel drive), Ferrari’s most powerful, versatile four-seater ever. The first Ferrari of modern times to accommodate four full-sized adults and their luggage, it will be unveiled at next month’s Geneva Auto Show, and go on sale soon afterwards. The Ferrari FF was designed by Pininfarina, and according to Ferrari the new car represents not so much an evolution as a true revolution. The new model will deliver unprecedented level an extremely sporty, high-performance character with incredible versatility, superb comfort and sophisticated elegance, guaranteeing both driver and passengers an absolutely unique driving experience.