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MB&F Arachnophobia – Giant Spider Which Tells Time

When it’s about MB&F, we can expect the unexpected. Swiss watch maker unveiled their latest creation in the form of a giant spider. MB&F Arachnophobia – a timepiece that earns its name is giant table clock which tells the time through fear. Actually, thanks to its ingenious mounting system, this clock can also be mounted […]

MB&F HMX Watch For 10th Anniversary

MB&F celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Geneva-based Swiss watchmaker founded by Maximilian Busser with HMX watch. HM in the name means Horological Machine, and X is actually the Roman numeral for 10. The timepiece is inspired by various sports cars, echoing Busser’s early aspirations of being a car designer. It’s constructed from a combination […]

Melchior – MB&F’s New $35,000 Robot Watch

This year, MB&F is celebrating its first decade and to commemorate its 10th unniversary Swiss watch manufacturer unveiled a horological robot, dubbed Melchior. This kinetic robot which tells the time was one of the more fun debuts at BaselWorld 2015. Presented under the theme:”A creative adult is a child who survived,” Melchior is created with […]

The Space on Your Wrist – MB&F HM6 Space Pirate

Just one month after released its HM5 CarbonMarcolon, MB&F delighted us with one more lavish watch. This time, maybe it’s about their most complex machine to date. New watch MB&F HM6, nicknamed “Space Pirate“, inspired by the Captain Future science fiction series, has been designed to operate as the space on your wrist. In each […]

MB&F HM5 CarbonMacrolon Timepiece

Swiss watch manufacturer MB&F has finally unveiled its first timepiece in an exotic material. HM5 CarbonMarcolon is completely different from anything MB&F has ever done. New watch which is black straight through is made of CarbonMacrolon, the material which is based on Makrolon – a fancy polycarbonate (first produced by Bayer in 1963) but strengthened […]

MB&F MusicMachine 2 – Limited Edition

The award-winning independent watchmaking firm, MB&F (Maximilian Busser and Friends), has once again teamed up with iconic luxury music box maker, Reuge, to create arguably the most advanced music box in the world. The MusicMachine 2 (MM2) that delivers sounds in stereo is just like the previous version also the most technically impressive, and detail […]

MB&F Legacy Machine 101

MB&F has unveiled its latest horological machine today, the LM101. As expected from Max Büsser and his friends, this timepiece is one of the most interesting timepieces and is their first in-house developed calibre. They’ve celebrated that achievement by suspending the 14mm flying balance wheel – which looks like a ship’s steering wheel – above […]