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New Happy Robot – Sherman by MB&F

When we talk about creating watches which have an unprecedented design, luxury Swiss chorological brand MB & F is certainly one of the leading. At SIHH 2016, they presented Sherman, happy robot, which is much more than a toy – it is a clock. Produced in collaboration with clock-maker L’Epée, it is 143mm high, and […]

MB&F Horological Machine No. 6 SV Will Cost You $400,000

At SIHH 2016 MB&F will introduce the Horological Machine No. 6 SV which should be their most expensive watch yet with a price very close to $400,000. This price is justified by the fact that this watch doesn’t use one piece of sapphire crystal, but 11 distinct sapphire pieces which were carefully bound together by […]

MB&F Arachnophobia – Giant Spider Which Tells Time

When it’s about MB&F, we can expect the unexpected. Swiss watch maker unveiled their latest creation in the form of a giant spider. MB&F Arachnophobia – a timepiece that earns its name is giant table clock which tells the time through fear. Actually, thanks to its ingenious mounting system, this clock can also be mounted […]

MB&F HMX Watch For 10th Anniversary

MB&F celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Geneva-based Swiss watchmaker founded by Maximilian Busser with HMX watch. HM in the name means Horological Machine, and X is actually the Roman numeral for 10. The timepiece is inspired by various sports cars, echoing Busser’s early aspirations of being a car designer. It’s constructed from a combination […]

Melchior – MB&F’s New $35,000 Robot Watch

This year, MB&F is celebrating its first decade and to commemorate its 10th unniversary Swiss watch manufacturer unveiled a horological robot, dubbed Melchior. This kinetic robot which tells the time was one of the more fun debuts at BaselWorld 2015. Presented under the theme:”A creative adult is a child who survived,” Melchior is created with […]

The Space on Your Wrist – MB&F HM6 Space Pirate

Just one month after released its HM5 CarbonMarcolon, MB&F delighted us with one more lavish watch. This time, maybe it’s about their most complex machine to date. New watch MB&F HM6, nicknamed “Space Pirate“, inspired by the Captain Future science fiction series, has been designed to operate as the space on your wrist. In each […]

MB&F HM5 CarbonMacrolon Timepiece

Swiss watch manufacturer MB&F has finally unveiled its first timepiece in an exotic material. HM5 CarbonMarcolon is completely different from anything MB&F has ever done. New watch which is black straight through is made of CarbonMacrolon, the material which is based on Makrolon – a fancy polycarbonate (first produced by Bayer in 1963) but strengthened […]