Isaak Ely, Bespoke Tailor Reveals His $30.000 Suit

Isaak Ely Isaak Ely There is nothing quite like the feel of an Isaac Ely handmade suit. Issac Ely dresses high-flying customers, including CEOs and executives of big corporations, and elite professional athletes. His suits are light and comfortable with a flawless shoulder cut, a slimmer fit, and a higher armhole. Every suit is individually hand cut, hand shaped, and hand sewn – right down to the button holes. In Toronto, bespoke tailor Isaac Ely connects with an elite client who dreams of a suit unlike any in the world. The tailor purchases the fabric from Dormeuil, northern England and begins to transform this rare cloth into a $30,000 suit. The fabric called Royal Qiviuk is a luxurious blend of the muskoxen fiber, cashmere and Australian Super 200s yarn, and is made available to only the world’s finest tailoring houses. Dormeuil is renowned as one of the finest suppliers of menswear cloth.