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    Ice Cognac by ABK6 Specially Designed to be Enjoyed on Ice

    Ice Cognac by ABK6 Here is another Cognac you drink with ice, as the name says. Limited edition Ice Cognac by ABK6 is the first cognac really designed to be consumed on the rocks. Produced in the hillsides of Claix, France, near Grenoble, Ice Cognac is described as a flavor journey that will take the drinker through aromas […] More

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    Distilleria Bottega Presents Bottega Diamond Wine

    Bottega Gold Magnum and Bottega Diamond Wine Italian winemaker Distilleria Bottega is launching a new luxury wine, Bottega Diamond. This new luxury wine is a Pinot Noir from Oltrepo’ Pavese, Lombardia, Italy, which comes in a bottle encrusted with crystal diamonds in the shape of the Bottega logo. This dry, harmonic and velvety sparkling wine […] More