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    Mobiado Classic 712MG Mokume Gane Luxury Phone

    Mobiado Classic 712MG Mokume Gane Luxury Phone Only one week after introducing the Classic 712 Stealth, Mobiado has now announced another luxury phone, the Classic 712MG Mokume Gane. Mokume Gane translates from Japanese as wood grain metal, and the Classic 712MG is true to its name. The case materials undergo a unique forging process that […] More

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    Vertu Constellation Quest – First QWERTY Device in the Vertu Lineup

    Vertu Constellation Quest Smartphone British luxury phone maker Vertu needs no introduction, for it keeps living up to its reputation of class and culture. The latest handset to come from the house is the Vertu Constellation Quest, which features a QWERTY keyboard, and a wider screen to keep its user connected and in the loop. […] More

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    Mobiado Classic 712 ZAF Come in Three New Colors

    Luxury phone maker Mobiado announced that it has extended its Classic 712 ZAF series – unveiled earlier this year – with three new colors, dubbed ‘dream colors’. Reportedly conveying “a sensation of brightness and inspiration”, the new color versions are Sky Blue, Aurora Pink and Porcelain White. The new colorful handsets combine “aluminum, sapphire crystal, […] More