Ultra-Rare AJS E95 Porcupine To Fetch $750,000 At Bonhams’ Auction

1954 AJS E95 Porcupine 1954 AJS E95 Porcupine The ultra-rare 1954 AJS E95 Porcupine is expected to be the world’s most expensive motorcycle. Bonhams’ expects the bike to bring $750,000 when it is auctioned Aug. 18 at Quail Lodge during Pebble Beach Car Week. The AJS Porcupine was designed exclusively for racing. This 1954 racing bike was one of just four built by British motorcycle manufacturer AJS. It was a temperamental machine with finicky carbs and a penchant for killing magnetos, so it never reached its potential. But it was on its best days a fast and graceful motorcycle that gave England its first modern grand prix championship. Bonhams’ has the longest-established department dedicated to motorcycles of any auction house and sells, on average, more than 1,300 motorcycles, or $8 million worth, annually around the globe.

The World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle – Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX

Limited Edition Ecosse Titanium Series RR Limited Edition Ecosse Titanium Series RR Is speed you what you crave? And are you a motorcycle junkie, then it doesn’t get any wilder than this one. Called the Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX, this super bike is the final bike in the Ecosse Moto Works’ Heretic series, which will become the newest most expensive motorcycle in the world, costing a cool $300,000. The world’s most expensive motorbike comes with some amazing features too. A 2,409cc billet engine with Ecosse’s highest ever horsepower figure: 225 hp at the rear wheel! It also has a carbon fiber finish, while the saddle comes from high-end Italian leather maker Berluti, and it’s exhaust pipes have a ceramic media shot-peened finish on grade-9 titanium. Only 13 units of this limited edition series will hit the roads.

Grace Pro Bike – The World’s First Street-legal e-motorbike

Grace Pro Race - e-bike Grace Pro Race – e-bike [Photo credit: Gracebikes] Designed in collaboration between Michael Hecken and Karl-Heinz Nicolai, Grace Pro e-bike is the latest racer in the e-bike category. The Nicolai brand already has an established reputation for incredibly impressive downhill and XC frames, and they’ve also recently diverged into urban and commuter bikes. The Grace frames are produced at the Nicolai factory, where most of the CNC machining for the bike is created as well. The official line, from Grace, is that this is the world’s first street-legal e-motorbike. The bike can hit 45km/h (28mph) by spinning its rear-wheel brushless 1.3kW motor. It’ll run for up to 50km (31-miles) and do it all off a one-hour charge, powered by the li-ion batteries hidden inside the frame. The racer also features a handlebar-mounted computer with two headlights contained inside a CNC-machined block of aluminum.

Custom Made Harley The ONE by Fat Attack AG

Custom Made Harley The ONE by Fat Attack AG Custom Made Harley The ONE by Fat Attack AG To create a sports bike out of the Harley-Davidson is not an easy task. Fat Attack AG from Switzerland dare to create something even more special out of a Harley. The custom bike from the shop, has been dubbed The ONE. Run by the Urs Erbacher, with 25 years of racing experience, Fat Attack bikes are lighter, stronger, faster and better looking that anything else on the market. And you can still run them legally and service them at any Harley-Davidson Dealer. Body is largely made of titanium, aluminum, carbon fiber and aircraft steel to save a total of 60 kg (pounds) and offer high speed greater stability. The high speed bike consists a Harley-Davidson engine, which increases its power to 110hp.

1895 Hildebrand & Wolfmuller Motorcycle Will Highlight Bonhams First Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction

1895 Hildebrand & Wolfmuller Motorcycle 1895 Hildebrand & Wolfmuller Motorcycle When it comes to rare and exotic vehicles, Bonhams has always impressed the auto enthusiasts with their auction catalogs. This time, Bonhams made an uncommon announcement that a complete 1895 Hildebrand & Wolfmuller motorcycle has been consigned and will be offered on January 6, 2011 at the firm’s first annual Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction. Coming from a private American collection where it has resided for approximately half a century, this 115-year old motorbike has been lightly and sympathetically restored some decades ago and is wonderfully patinated. The bike is truly special since it was the first powered two-wheeler to enter series production and is the first vehicle to receive the name motorcycle (motorrad in German).

Grand Tourer Renard GT – Carbon Fiber Moto Guzzi Bike

Grand Tourer Renard GT Grand Tourer Renard GT Many don’t even know where to place Estonia on a map, but maybe this will raise an interest and some eyebrows, a new Grand Tourer V-Twin musclebike coming from Renard. Tallinn-based Renard Motorcycles are taking the world by storm with their $96,000 Carbon Fiber Renard GT Bike which will surely revive the pre-WW2 motorcycle brand name. The Renard GT’s carbon-fiber monocoque weighs only 11 kilograms, and is reinforced with Kevlar, to make it resistant to impact and vibration. Thanks to an increased cross-section, the composite body is stiffer than a regular pipe frame, and thus ensures very precise steering. The fine-tuned suspension is adjustable in three dimensions, and tuned to perfection.