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  • McLaren MP4-12C Inspired Accessories

    McLaren Accessories Inspired by its MP4-12C Sports Car

    McLaren has announced a new range of merchandise and accessories inspired by its MP4-12C sports car, just in time for the holidays. So, if you have a car and you’re not satisfied with it, which is quite impossible, you will get a few more things to make yourself more interesting ride and look. British automaker’s […] More

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    McLaren MP4-12C Price Revealed – $229,000

    McLaren MP4-12C Just as you’d expect, one of the hottest supercars to show up in a while, the McLaren MP4-12C, is going to come at a pretty penny- $229,000. McLaren said that it will build up to 1,000 12Cs in the car’s first full year with production to increase down the line. Naturally, $229k doesn’t […] More

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    McLaren Makes Time Fly – TAG Heuer McLaren MP4-12C Chronograph Watch

    TAG Heuer McLaren MP4-12C Chronograph McLaren and TAG Heuer are celebrating their 26-year long partnership as well as the 20th anniversary of the original McLaren F1 with the launch of the limited edition TAG Heuer MP4-12C Chronograph Watch. Taking inspiration from the upcoming McLaren MP4-12Csupercar, the watch boasts a matching color scheme and is built […] More