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    What do you think, Which Car Drives Rowen Atkinson

    The actor, who gained fame starring in the hit comedy, is pictured by cruising the London in a car that does not really go along with his reputation. Rowen Atkinson is a famous British actor who became famous playing the series “Blackadder” and the comedy “Mr. Bean”. He has a reputation as someone who loves […] More

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    Problems Of Rowan Atkinson And His Mercedes SLS AMG

    Even the biggest stars can have problems faced by ordinary mortals. For example, when you need to bend down to get into the car after shopping at the supermarket. The difference in the case of actor Rowan Atkinson, known for his role as Mr. Bean in the eponymous series and movies, is that he bends […] More

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    Rowan Atkinson Will Pay $1.4 Million to Fix His McLaren F1

    Rowan Atkinson just has no luck with his McLaren F1. In August 2011, “Mr. Bean” had a crash after he lost control of his car, and now he had to pay more than £900,000 ($1.4 million) to fix the car. The repair of Atkinson’s car is estimated to be one of the largest car insurance settlement […] More