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    Project Shark – Oceanco’s New 90m Motoryacht

    Oceanco’s new 90-meter superyacht Y717 (Project Shark) was successfully launched on 21 February. Project Shark has been delivered and is now one of the world’s top 200 largest superyachts. It comes after the yacht completed her sea trials off the coast of the Netherlands in April. Y717 features a superstructure completely finished in reflective glass. […] More

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    Tuhura – Oceanco’s New Superyacht Project

    Oceanco released their latest 115-metre superyacht concept at the Dubai International Boat Show. Dubbed Tuhura, this futuristic superyacht is conceived in collaboration with the Lobanov Design studio, BMT Nigel Gee and interior designer Achille Salvagni. Tuhura is truly in a category of its own, unlike any yacht on the market. Its design harkens back to […] More

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    Shark – Oceanco’s New Superyacht

    Oceanco has completed one of the biggest superyacht launches of 2018, as the new 90-metre superyacht Project Y717 (Shark) was rolled out of her build shed one week ago. Shark is another standout among today’s superyachts. Her exterior styling by Luiz DeBasto is sporty with organic shapes and harmonious flowing lines. She bears a unique […] More

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    Cosmos – New Yacht by Luiz DeBasto For Oceanco

    The prestigious shipyard Oceanco presented a new mega yacht concept, the 90-metre Cosmos. This time Oceanco teamed up with Luiz De Basto, a superyacht designer who’s worked with the leading companies on a large number of outstanding superyacht concepts. The futuristic looking superyacht features a glass dome, that can be tinted according to the mood […] More

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    Amara Superyacht – New Oceanco’s Beauty

    Amara is an exciting new concept superyacht, presented by a brilliant team of Oceanco company, during the Dubai International Boat Show. Magnificent 120 metre vessel is the result of collaboration with Australian designer Sam Sorgiovanni and represents a magnificent project, designed to provide enough space for 20 guests in a luxurious and very lavish atmosphere. […] More

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    Nauta Design’s Oceanco Spectrum Superyacht

    Dutch superyacht yard Oceanco has teamed up with renowned studio Nauta Design to create a new 102 metre concept called Project Spectrum, which debuted earlier this month at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. New 102-metre project was specifically designed to offer endless possibilities in terms of propulsion methods and interior layouts. This five-deck yacht […] More

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    Oceanco Moonstone: 90-metre Toy For Ultra Rich

    Moonstone is a new project of Oceanco: 90 meters long luxury mega-yacht, which is currently just a concept. Developed in cooperation with Van Geest Design, the yacht is styled with a striking multi-faceted hull that makes a continuous play of light and reflections from the water. The theme of light continues throughout Moonstone, and Van […] More

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    Humongous Luxury Mega Yacht Nirvana on Sale for $300 Million

    War between billionaires has begun. The target – the 39th largest yacht in the world. Nirvana, humongous (88.5 metre-long ) luxury mega yacht is on sale and the price is mere $300 million. Built by South African construction mogul Oceanco and designed by Australia’s Sam Sorgiovanni, this elite world cruising yacht is actually one of […] More

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    75.5 metres Luxury Yacht Anastasia Listed on Sale by Edmiston

    Since her launch in 2008, Anastasia is unquestionably the finest yacht that is came on the sales market today. The central agents for the sale of this most contemporary and most luxurious yacht is Edmiston & Company. Anastasia, superyacht which was the Star of the 2008 Monaco Yacht Show, can be yours for $155,300,000. Edmiston […] More

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    World’s Most Expensive Superyacht Charter – Steven Spielberg’s New Seven Seas Yacht

    Steven Spielberg’s New Seven Seas Yacht Steven Spielberg is offering his new $200 million Seven Seas megayacht as the world’s most expensive yacht charter at an eye-popping rate of $1.3 million per week. The Cayman-Islands registered, oceangoing vessel with the navy hull was built under the project name Y706 in collaboration with the designers Nuvolari & […] More