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Honda Odyssey – the First Car Coated out in 70,000 Carats of Kyoto Opal

At Tokyo Auto Salon 2010, a Honda Odyssey bedazzled with 70.000 carats of Kyoto Opal was introduced. Kyoto Opal is a new material created using gemstone synthesis technology developed by Kyocera and it is based on the same Quartz grains as natural Opal. By coloring Kyoto Opal artificially, a diverse range of hues can be […]

iPhone Python Crimson Gold Supreme – World’s Most Expensive iPhone Wallet

If you love technology or are simply owners of an iPhone, here are more expensive iPhone wallet in the world, Python Crimson Gold Supreme. Those who are familiar with other items from Stuart Hughes of Liverpool, this will come as no surprise to you. Davide De Nizza and Stuart Hughes has designed the wallet and […]