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    The Most Expensive Parking Space In The UK

    One parking space in central London, was sold for close to $470,000, and the company that sold it, happily rubbing their hands as they recently sold two similar places at a total cost of $775,000. Parking space, measuring 24 square meters, is set in the ultra exclusive area, Hyde Park Gardens, and despite the price, […] More

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    The Pooch Escape – Holiday for Dog Costs $73,500

    Preparations for the summer is coming to an end, and you already take into account how much money would spend for this summer. If you want to treat yourself and your pet, how do you feel about this offer? In cooperation with a prestigious hotel chain for pets, Paw Seasons, VeryFirstTo has devised for this summer […] More

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    The MarNavProgram Rewrites the Rules of Superyacht Ownership

    The MarNavProgram offering a unique service aimed at revolutionising Superyacht ownership and charter will be launched in the latter part of 2013. It is developed by Werner Trotz, and main objective is to make yachting more appealing for existing owners and to attract new owners by offering shared ownership of a fleet of five Superyachts. […] More