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    New McLaren P13 Comes With 450Hp

    After the MP4-12C and P1, McLaren has prepared another model with which they will increase their offer. In late 2014, namely, we can expected new athletes codenamed P13 that will compete with Porsche 911, while its sales will start in early 2015. Its design will be inspired by the P1 model and will cost around […] More

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    McLaren Started The Production Of P1

    Production of the McLaren P1 is officially started. In an exclusive presentation, in which welcome just the buyers of the car, McLaren‘s representative confirmed the start of production of the McLaren P1. The total number of manufactured will not exceed 375 copies, and the price of each model is exactly 1 million British pounds($1,610,000). Pictures […] More

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    Move to Asia to Stay in the Race for McLaren P1

    As things stand now, the British automaker, McLaren, has reached the point where it no longer taking orders for the new model because, despite the fact that its specifications are not known, P1 is already sold out. Moreover, even those who have paid a deposit for the car, do not have full information on the model […] More

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    Long-awaited McLaren P1 – Official Pictures and Details

    After premiere at private event in Beverly Hills, McLaren has released official photos and technical details of the P1 ahead of its premiere scheduled for 5 March at the Geneva Motor Show. Starting price of this exclusive automobile is $1,300,000. Although the initial plan was to produce a McLaren P1 in 500 copies, executive director of the British […] More

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    McLaren Shows P1 At Private Event In Beverly Hills

    McLaren has brought new supercar called the McLaren P1 at a private showcasing in Beverly Hills. This vehicle was presented to a rich people to see their reaction on what they may have, when this car goes into production. A dark tint is applied to the windows to hide the interior from viewers and bodywork […] More