Cloud7′s New Dog Travel Collection for Tumi

Pet travel has been rised to the higher level thanks to recent collaboration between leading travel accessories brand
Tumi and Berlin-based Cloud 7. New four-piece travel collection for four-legged companions is designed to allow them first-class travel. Designed by Cloud 7′s Founder and Creative Director Petra Jungebluth, the collection includes an airline-friendly carrier (a stylish hand luggage so the dog can travel as if he was in business class), travel bed (a comfortable bed made of sheep’s wool, foldable into a bag shape) and travel bowl (wo foldable stylish bowls). Tumi's Newest Collection: For the Affluent Pup Who Wants to Travel in Style “Many of our customers treat their pets as a member of the family, and want to provide them with quality, stylish, and functional products for their travels, similarly as they do for themselves,” said Alan Krantzler, SVP of Brand Management at Tumi. Tumi's Newest Collection: For the Affluent Pup Who Wants to Travel in Style All pieces in the collection are constructed with great attention to detail and some of the finest materials you can find, including high grade water-resistant linings, leather accents and shearling wool interiors. The collection officially launches on February 11th and will be available on the Cloud7 or Tumi websites, as well as select retailers worldwide, retailing from $95-$375. Tumi's Newest Collection: For the Affluent Pup Who Wants to Travel in Style Tumi's Newest Collection: For the Affluent Pup Who Wants to Travel in Style Tumi's Newest Collection: For the Affluent Pup Who Wants to Travel in Style Tumi's Newest Collection: For the Affluent Pup Who Wants to Travel in Style

Gunther VI Is The Richest Dog in the World

Rich people often leave after the death, their wealth, to their pets. It probably does not like too many members of their family, but that does not mean that the rich man will change his will. Who is the richest dog in the world? German Shepherd Gunther IV is on top of the list of richest pets, and his wealth is estimated at $ 373 million. In July 2000 Gunther IV purchased a mansion with eight bedrooms from Madonna.
Gunther VI: The Richest Dog in the World Gunther IV inherited a fortune from his father, Gunther III, which German Countess Carlotta Liebenstein left after her death in 1992. Gunther IV owns real estate in the Bahamas, Italy and Germany, Web site, bmw roadster, drivers, cooks and servants. Gunther VI: The Richest Dog in the World Gunther VI’s luxurious days are set to continue well into the future since the enormous wealth he has inherited is increasing at a constant rate every passing year. Gunther VI: The Richest Dog in the World Gunther VI: The Richest Dog in the World Gunther VI: The Richest Dog in the World

The Pooch Escape – Holiday for Dog Costs $73,500

Preparations for the summer is coming to an end, and you already take into account how much money would spend for this summer. If you want to treat yourself and your pet, how do you feel about this offer? In cooperation with a prestigious hotel chain for pets, Paw Seasons, 
VeryFirstTo has devised for this summer an incredible journey for the dogs. Price, a breeze, only $73,500. The Pooch Escape It is a journey just for dogs, and their owners will have to let their pets alone in the journey. However, the owners does not need to worry about their safety and enjoyment, because during this stay in luxury hotels, professionals, physical therapists, cooks and trainers, will take care of the dogs carefully. The package includes overnight stays at top “Paw Seasons” hotel, films such as “101 Dalmatians” and “Lassie”, a personal chef, surfing lessons, long walks on the beach, ice cream on the beach and various trainings. For making them feel like being at home, the dogs get a replica of their owners house where they can sleep. Pets will also receive gifts and costly clothes that are specially created for them by Louis Vuitton and Bottega Veneta. It is remarkable that almost one-fifth of the amount paid for dog holiday goes into a fund to deal with canine cancer research and finding a cure for that disease. The Pooch Escape The Pooch Escape

New Pet Accessories for 2013 by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren offers a world of luxury and comfort in men’s and women’s clothing. But not just that. One of the world’s famous fashion brand also focuses on accessories, footwear, fragrances, home (bedding, towels) and housewares; presents media content of its lifestyle; and it also runs a line of restaurants. In its wide range of business, Ralph Lauren extends its polo brand to pets.
Ralph Lauren’s 2013 Pets' Spring Collection New pet accessories collection for 2013 by Ralph Lauren is intended for all those who want to treat their pets in style. Ralph Lauren Classic Dog Polo, Cabled Cashmere Dog Turtleneck, Sporty Puffer Vest, Team Polo, and Crocodile Dog Carrier are some of the Lauren’s creations for our little friends. To see the complete list of Ralph Lauren’s pet accessories, click here. Ralph Lauren’s 2013 Pets' Spring Collection Ralph Lauren’s 2013 Pets' Spring Collection Ralph Lauren’s 2013 Pets' Spring Collection

Ruff Club – Luxury Social Club for Dogs in Manhattan

The first luxury hotel for dogs,
Actuel Dogs, was opened last year in Vincennes outside of Paris. France is not the only one who treats animals in a special luxurious way. Ruff Club, recently opened at 34 Avenue A in the East Village, isn’t the hotel, but offers special care for dogs. This is a social club for dogs which accepts only dogs it deems properly mannered. All interested pet owners must go through an interview which takes about an hour and is almost as rigorous as any for private school. Like some of the prestigious Clubs for people, Ruff Club is members only, and the membership is priced at $149 a year with daycare starting at $29 and boarding at $49 a night.
Ruff Club

Alexia Simon nad Danny Frost, with their dog Leo, are opening a unique new dog daycare and social club

It’s not easy to become a member of Ruff Club. The people do not have to go through a screening process, while dogs have to. The dogs are tested to ensure that they can be easily handled and play well with others, for dogs that have separation anxiety, club even offers a generous separation anxiety window. Owned by Danny Frost and Alexia Simon Frost, Ruff Club is a place where dogs and their human friends can hang out. Dog’s owners can check their four-leg friends in through an iPad check-in system. They can even watch dog’s activities remotely thanks to webcams. Because of health codes, Ruff Club isn’t able to serve food or drinks, but the Frosts are investigating the possibility of owners bringing their own. Along with the daycare and kennel, Ruff Club will also provide nighttime classes, which could be opened up to the general public, according to its owners. Dogsitting on Friday and Saturday nights could be another option. They also intend to offer the location as a meeting spot for local groups and organizations. Ruff Club Ruff Club

Bottega Veneta Nero Intrecciato Linen Dog Bed – for Better Sleep of Your Pet

Bottega Veneta (Venetian atelier) is an Italian luxury goods house best known for its leather goods, such as handbags, luggage and leather wallets. The company’s artisans developed a leather-weaving technique, called intrecciato, that remains a signature of the brand and is very appreciated by many ladies around the world. Upon the satisfaction of their wishes, time has come to spoil their pets.
Bottega Veneta Nero Intrecciato Linen Dog Bed will provide better sleep for your pet. Made from signature woven linen and leather, this dog bed features a braided cord trim and a removable pillow. The interior of the bed measures 14.5″-18.5″ (37cm-47cm) and 6.5″ (16.5 cm) height x 21.3″ (54 cm) width, making it perfect shelter for the small dogs. And the price is “negligible”, only $1,240. Well, go ahead, start pampering your pets!