Andy Warhol’s Four Marilyns Sold for $34 Million at Phillips Auction

A director of the Gagosian Gallery, Victoria Gelfand was lucky bidder who won the race amongst 3 others and bought ‘Four Marilyns’ by Andy Warhol at
Phillips auction for a price of $34 million. Pop art is an art direction in contemporary art, which was created 60’s of the 20 century, and has its roots in Dada and Cubism. Literally means popular art, paraphrasing the ubiquity of culture in everyday life reverse the paradigm of everyday life in the arts, playing around with, then set up, the borders irrelevant and trivial. Andy Warhol’s ‘Four Marilyns The term pop art was first used in English art in 1958 when he described the postwar consumer lifestyle. Although better known American pop artists, the direction is parallel originated in two centers, London and New York. After Marilyn Monroe’s death Andy Warhol spent four months making silkscreens based on a publicity still of Monroe from her film, “Niagara.” Fusing art with mass production, Warhol created brilliantly colored multiples of her image. Fascinated by morbid subjects and celebrity, he symbolized Monroe’s mortality, and her media saturation through brash, assembly-line reproductions of her face. $34 milion will not be final because in this case, there would be an additional dealer’s commission which would finally take the price to $38.2 million.

Paintings of Jackson Pollock and Roy Lichtenstein at Christie’s

On 15 May 2013,
Christie’s will offer two masterpieces, Roy Lichtenstein’s Woman with Flowered Hat and Jackson Pollock’s masterwork Number 19, at the Evening Sale of Post-War & Contemporary Art. Jackson Pollock’s Number 19, 1948 (estimate: $25,000,000-$35,000,000), was created during the artist’s most important period, 1947-1950. Using silver, black, and white, accented by vibrant notes of red and green, he creates a shimmering surface that celebrates his iconic drip style. Pollock is among the best-known paintings of the 20th century and number 19 is an exceptional and unique opportunity for collectors and institutions to acquire this iconic masterpiece. Innumerable layers of delicate dripped paint reveal the captivating circular movement of Pollock’s hand. Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) Number 19, 1948 Oil and enamel on paper laid down on canvas   Jackson Pollock legendary three-year burst of creativity between 1947 and 1950 that completely revolutionized American painting and reshaped the history of twentieth century art. The year 1948 marked the moment that Pollock gained complete mastery over the drip technique and the beginning of its expansion into paintings that were less compositions on a theme than fields of painterly activity and self-expression. The unique freeform manner of painting that Pollock pioneered in a painting such as this represented not only the creation of some of the most mesmeric and enduringly fascinating pictorial structures in all of twentieth century art, but it also, in its near miraculous union of space, force, energy, gravity, material and physical gesture, opened up an entirely new dimension of painting. Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997) Woman with Flowered Hat Magna on canvas Roy Lichtenstein’s Pop masterpiece, Woman with Flowered Hat, is expected to reached $30 million. Flowered Hat is a classic example of Pop Art from the movement’s earliest beginnings. It was painted in 1963, when Lichtenstein was engaged in his most profound investigation of popular imagery. Lichtenstein painted Woman with Flowered Hat at a time when he was attacking various aspects of the so-called “canon” of art, or rather, what people liked to think of as “High Art.” Alongside the “low-art” subject matter of comic strip images, he began pillaging masterworks by the likes of Cézanne, Mondrian and Picasso as they too had become part of readily available, mass-produced culture. In Woman with Flowered Hat Lichtenstein submits these emotive qualities to the dramatic simplification of his comic stylization. The composition retains all the essential features of the original but its nuances of color, texture, form and line have been streamlined by the mock-mechanization of Lichtenstein’s newfound technique. The evening sale will offer three other works by Lichtenstein including a monumental Nude with Yellow Flower (estimate: $12,000,000-$16,000,000), Woman II (estimate: $4,000,000-$6,000,000) and bronze Coup de Chapeau II of 1996 (estimate: $2,000,000-$3,000,000).
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Andy Warhol’s 1974 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Listed for Sale

Andy Warhol's 1974 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Andy Warhol’s 1974 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Do cars take on the qualities of their owners? For collectors of classic automobiles, celebrity provenance adds considerable value to vintage makes and models. Andy Warhol’s 1973 Rolls Royce is listed for sale on Art Brokerage with the following stipulations:
Hand Signed: Condition: Excellent – The vehicle is in excellent working and physical condition. See photos. Certificate of Authenticity: Art Brokerage Provenance & Extra Info This listing is for Andy Warhol’s Rolls Royce. The car was purchased shortly after Sotheby’s 1988 auction of Warhol’s estate. Art Brokerage can provide all authentication. The vehicle has been impeccably stored and maintained, and is in perfect working condition.