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    Parking Space Near London’s Royal Albert Hall For $665,000

    Parking space for two cars near London’s Royal Albert Hall has been sold for a staggering 400,000 pounds($665,000). Even in an expensive UK can be bought a lot for 400,000 pounds, for example, two average houses. Although, the British are earning much more than others, it should be noted that for this parking space should […] More

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    Ferrari Pinin Concept By Pininfarina On Sale

    These days another interesting Ferrari is going to be sold, maybe. It is a unique Ferrari Pinin concept, made by ​​Italian design studio Pininfarina, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary in 1980. Ferrari Pinin concept by Pininfarina is owned by Gabriele Candrini which was already trying to sell this car in 2011, but failed […] More

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    Cakewalk Superyacht Now Available for $192,500,000

    We previously wrote about Cakewalk Superyacht which costed $214 Million and these days Cakewalk Superyacht is cheaper for $21.5 milion and now cost ‘only’ $192,500,000. I do not believe that for mere mortals this means anything at all, because who had money to pay the initial price, this price drop will not even feel. However, to mention that […] More