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    Sony DEV-50V Digital Recording Binoculars

    Sony has introduced a pair of binoculars with digital technology that allows you to record everything you see. A new kind of digital device represents an improvement over the old analog binoculars that are slowly dying out. The new, second-generation of Sony digital binoculars, DEV-50V, allows you to record what you see, while you look through […] More

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    New Toshiba Kirabook Laptop

    Toshiba is known for its laptops in lower and middle segments. In order to present their name in the best light, the company decided to introduce a new line of gear for the most demanding users. New KIRAbook line delivers high-end Windows 8 Ultrabook with magnesium body and should compete with the MacBook Air notebook. […] More

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    Vertu Ti, The Brand’s First Android Phone

    Shortly after the first rumors have surfaced that show significant evidence that will soon appear first Vertu ti phone with Android operating system, the brand’s firstborn saw the light of the day. It seems that the luxury and high prices are not enough, but for a new generation of Vertu Ti required and the capability […] More