Original Stormtrooper Helmet Signed by George Lucas Sold for $245,000 at Charity Auction

When some Star Wars memorabilia are offered on sale, interest of fans and collectors is always huge. Such was the case at the recent
Sotheby’s (RЕD) auction for the Global Fund, which fights AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, which raised over $26 million in donations and matching contributions. The higlight of the sale was original Stormtrooper helmet signed by George Lucas which went for a whopping $245,000, despite estimated to sell for $15,000. George Lucas signed Stromtrooper helmet fetches a whopping $245,000 at Sotheby’s (Red) auction “Overall excellent condition. This work was especially selected by Jony Ive and Marc Newson for the (RED) 2013 auction and signed by George Lucas. Included is a cardboard box and printed material from the producer. This work is being sold with a certificate from the (RED) 2013 auction.” – official condition report from Sotheby’s. Other interesting items included a RED branded Mac Pro tower which went for $977,000. A set of 18k gold Apple earbuds sold for $461,000, and a thermal window on the U.S. space shuttle selling for $920,000.

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Two Custom Timepieces Go Under the Hammer for Charity

Two highly esteemed designers, Sir Jonathan Ive, KBE and Marc Newson, CBE worked together to create two
Jaeger-LeCoultre timepieces, which will go under the hammer at (RED) AUCTION. The Atmos by Marc Newson clock and the Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea watch will be offered on November 23, at Sotheby’s New York to benefit The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Jaeger-LeCoultre-atmos-clock-by-Marc-Newson-(RED) “It’s been a thrilling journey for Jony and me to curate this collection of pieces that celebrate extraordinary design that we love, that transcends all boundaries of time and place. Each object and the process of creating it conveys a rich set of human values, so it seems fitting that they should be auctioned with a different sense of human value in mind, to raise as much as possible to help people’s lives today,” said Marc Newson . “We’d like to thank our partners for their sincere generosity and for giving so gladly and willingly.” Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos 561 clock features unique red accents on the hands created specialy for this occassion, the month indication and the calibre’s logo and a Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea watch has been customized with a unique red dial and the (RED) logo engraved on the case-back. “This is a great honour for Jaeger-LeCoultre to be part of this global project in association with Sotheby’s and support a true sustainable cause (RED) has been fighting for since 2006. Calling upon the Manufacture’s creativity and watchmaking savoir-faire, reinterpreting two of our iconic timepieces with the recognition of two great names of Design has been even more thrilling”, said Jaeger-LeCoultre CEO Daniel Riedo. Jaeger-LeCoultre-Memovox-Tribute-to-Deep-Sea-(RED)