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Meridian Audio M80 Compact Entertainment System Offers an Unrivalled Listening Experience

Meridian Audio M80 Compact Entertainment System There are so many speakers and docks out there for the iPhone, iPod and iPad that it sometimes becomes really difficult to pick the best. But if you’re a audio enthusiast and understand what’s on, then Meridian is surely a name you would associate with the best in the […]

uAstro Zero-Gravity Massage Chair Relax Body and Rejuvenate the Soul

OSIM uAstro Zero-Gravity Massage Chair After a busy workday schedule one just wishes to soothe their body in rest and rejuvenate the soul. The new OSIM uAstro – Zero Gravity Massage Chair is no ordinary massage chair, it’s a luxurious full-body massaging experience. Just slip into the seat, let the optical pressure-point detection system scan […]

Relax at Home with Panasonic EP-MA70 Massage Chair

After a hard day’s work, everybody wants to kick back and relax at home, and what better way to do so, than with a massage. And if you work odd hours, you have to wait for a weekend get away to a spa to actually have that relaxing massage. But if you can spare $4,500, […]