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    How Much Does It Cost To Drive Porsche For An Hour?

    Porsche, for fans who visit their headquarters and museum in Stuttgart, will provide the opportunity to drive some of their models at a price of 69 euros($85). For that money, for example, you’ll be able to enjoy an hour of driving Cayman model. Wanting to, visitors to the museum and the company’s headquarters in Stuttgart, […] More

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    Hertz Rent A Cars of Your Dream

    The Hertz Corporation, the world’s leading general use car rental brand has launched its Dream Collection in the U.K. at its London Marble Arch and Heathrow Airport locations. So now, Londoners can pick up some car of their dream, such as the powerful Bentley Continental GT, the luxurious Bentley Flying Spur, the iconic Aston Martin […] More

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    Steve Martin’s St. Barts Villa For Rent

    We already wrote about that Steve Martin’s St. Barts Villa Still Waiting for a Buyer, and so it is now, but with one difference. The $11.4M Caribbean Villa, though it is still for sale, is being used as a vacation rental in the meantime. Depending on the season, the property can be rented from $16,500 […] More

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    Rent A Bellister Castle In Haltwhistle For Just $2,300

    You do not often get the chance to live in a castle. Now you can be a king and have one of its own castle for just $2,300 per month. Bellister Castle was built in the 19 century and therefore boasts more modern comforts than the 14 century ruins it is attached to. Owned by […] More

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    Airstream’s Silver Bullets Now Available for Rent

    Recently we reported about new 28-foot travel trailer which retains Airstream’s signature “silver bullet” exterior, but with all luxury and modern interior amenities. As the cost to buy one of an Airstream ranges from $65,000 to more than $80,000, the guys from Airstream 2 Go have came to idea and earlier this month launched the […] More

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    FAB1 Rolls Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase Supports Breast Cancer Care

    Rolls-Royce has introduced “FAB1” modified “Ghost” luxury car that joins the fight against breast cancer. Pink car will next year be able for rent, and all proceeds will go to fund “Breast Cancer Care“ that with various projects is trying to collect a million pounds to help women suffering from breast cancer. It’s all in […] More

  • The Ouranos 45 Meter Yacht

    Lavish Ouranos Superyacht Available for Charter

    Part of the fleet of the Italian shipyard Admiral Tecnomar Group the Ouranos, bearing the name of the ancient Greek God of the Sky, the brand new 45 meter superyacht looks like it will soar while cutting the waves. Launched in April 2012, this yachtis the largest as well as fastest tri-deck planning vessel, built […] More

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    Sailing On Senator John Kerry`s Yacht Isabel

    Senator John Kerry`s Yacht Isabel What to do when you have a yacht worth $7 million, and you have no time to enjoy on it? Massachusetts senator and perennial presidential hopeful John Kerry had a such problem and decided to rent it. Senator Kerry and his heiress wife not doing that because of money, but […] More