Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition – Limited to Only Three Pieces

Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum was launched in 2012. This collection includes fragrances such as Acqua from 2013, Nero Assoluto from 2013 and Exotica from 2014, as well as special editions Oud Edition from 2013, Tiger Oud from 2013 and Nero Assoluto Exclusive Edition from 2014. Now,
Roberto Cavalli has designed the most exclusive version ever produced – under the name of Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition. Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition - Limited to Only Three Pieces Inspired by the designer’s love for gold, the bottle and the crown-shaped cap are entirely covered with white gold leaf. Around the neck of the bottle there is a removable collar (that can be worn as a ring or a pendant on a necklace) made of 138 white diamonds and 121 black diamonds. The bottle comes packed in a minaudière case, which is designed by Roberto Cavalli himself. It is made of gold-plated brass with a crocodile pattern. The eagle-shaped tassel hangs on the case. The bottle and its minaudière are displayed in a visually striking lockable jewel case made of rich brown and leopard printed satin. Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition - Limited to Only Three Pieces Gold Edition blends the noblest perfumery ingredients. It opens with a sweet and luminous top note of saffron that gives way to the woody and animal tones of sensual oud wood—the gold standard in Arabic perfumery. The fragrance closes on a deep root note of incense that adds a subtle veil of mystery. To be more unique and luxurious, this Gold Edition is limited to only three pieces. Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition - Limited to Only Three Pieces

Roberto Cavalli Café In Saint-Tropez

“Everyone is capable of making a minimalist style, but not me” said Roberto Cavalli. Creator
Roberto Cavalli is considered eccentric and avant-garde person, who finds his inspiration in nature and applies to the designers whose creations speak for themselves. After great success in Florence and New Delhi, Roberto Cavalli has inaugurated a Cavalli Caffè in Saint-Tropez’s Place de La Garonne. Roberto Cavalli Opens Saint-Tropez Café The Cavalli Caffè in the famous Place de La Garonne is located right by the port of Saint Tropez. “In the Seventies, when everything started, incredible women of timeless beauty and femininity made this place on the French Riviera the best location, where the international jet-setters of the era loved spending the holidays,” the designer said. The caffè recalls the interior of Cavalli stores. It is a mixture of lush plants, animal hides and steel fittings. The à la carte menu boasts a fine selection of Italian dishes that will delight locals and visitors alike, after a summer’s afternoon spent shopping, or a day at cult beach location Club 55. There is also a DJ for regular live performances at the caffè. Roberto Cavalli Opens Saint-Tropez Café Roberto Cavalli Opens Saint-Tropez Café Roberto Cavalli Opens Saint-Tropez Café Roberto Cavalli Opens Saint-Tropez Café    

Mini Paceman by Roberto Cavalli for Life Ball 2013

Unique Mini Paceman, for whose appearance is credited fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, has been sold for $195,000 at auction during this years 21 edition of “Life Ball” event in Vienna, the largest HIV/AIDS charity event in Europe. Mini Paceman by Roberto Cavalli, among others, boasts Cavalli logo on the roof, Cavalli’s signature on the door, in gold elements are roof, wheels, mirrors, frames, lights, and modified leather interior. As the base is normally served Cooper S version with turbo engine who developing 135 kW/184Hp.
Mini Paceman by Roberto Cavalli As a reminder, in last year’s Life Ball event, which also took place in Vienna, a unique Mini Roadster in Deepest Purple matt, was sold for $70,000. Mini says that the largest European charity event, the Life Ball, as always unites tradition points with glitz and glamor, with the aim to send the message on behalf of the fight against HIV/AIDS. In previous years, the Life Ball Mini models are created by international fashion designers, and last year to the members of the Life Ball Mini designers also joined the Franca Sozzani, editor of Italian Vogue and UN Goodwill Ambassador for Fashion 4 Development. Mini Paceman by Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli’s Animal Print Easter Eggs

Animal Print Easter Eggs by Roberto Cavalli Roberto Cavalli’s Animal Print Easter Eggs As Easter is closer, many are competing to create the more original and more luxurious Eggs. Roberto Cavalli opted for animal motifs for the eggs, that appeared for sale at Caffe Giacosa. Roberto Cavalli’s Easter Eggs are made of white and dark chocolate. Cavalli has created three chocolate Easter eggs. They include a giraffe patterned milk and white chocolate egg, zebra patterned dark and white chocolate eggs and zebra patterned white and dark chocolate easter egg. Each of these amazing eggs weighs 140gr, and can be yours for €49 ($70).

New Limited Edition Eyewear Goddess Sunglasses by Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Eyewear Goddess Sunglasses Roberto Cavalli Eyewear Goddess Sunglasses Roberto Cavalli and Marcolin, in collaboration with Salmoiraghi & Vigano, unveil new Limited Edition Eyewear Goddess Sunglasses. Limited to 2000 pieces only the chic sunglasses features a front grille crafted using scratched processing and marks 40 year celebration for the fashion giants. Launched at their flagship store in Milan, the event was attended by designer Tuscan, Karolina Kurkova and Elena Santarelli. The eyewears will be made available in two color variants, a rose gold version with a leather ivory snakeskin effect, and a sugar paper colored version featuring with blue lenses.

This Summer Superstars are Simply Hijack Superyachts

Roman Abramovic's Luna Yacht Roman Abramovic’s Luna Yacht This year many celebrities is holidaying aboard super-yachts (anything over 150 ft) and even mega-yachts (300 ft and over). Onboard, the A-list holiday in the lap of luxury: swimming pools and spas, helipads and butlers, satellite communication and medical centres. Everyone from Brad and Angelina to the Beckhams are living it up on the high seas, though some stars are actually paying their way. Some yachts are rented and some of them borrowed from an even richer mate. Take a look at the full rundown on the famous folk’s nautical hijinks after the break!