Roberto Cavalli Café In Saint-Tropez

“Everyone is capable of making a minimalist style, but not me” said Roberto Cavalli. Creator
Roberto Cavalli is considered eccentric and avant-garde person, who finds his inspiration in nature and applies to the designers whose creations speak for themselves. After great success in Florence and New Delhi, Roberto Cavalli has inaugurated a Cavalli Caffè in Saint-Tropez’s Place de La Garonne. Roberto Cavalli Opens Saint-Tropez Café The Cavalli Caffè in the famous Place de La Garonne is located right by the port of Saint Tropez. “In the Seventies, when everything started, incredible women of timeless beauty and femininity made this place on the French Riviera the best location, where the international jet-setters of the era loved spending the holidays,” the designer said. The caffè recalls the interior of Cavalli stores. It is a mixture of lush plants, animal hides and steel fittings. The à la carte menu boasts a fine selection of Italian dishes that will delight locals and visitors alike, after a summer’s afternoon spent shopping, or a day at cult beach location Club 55. There is also a DJ for regular live performances at the caffè. Roberto Cavalli Opens Saint-Tropez Café Roberto Cavalli Opens Saint-Tropez Café Roberto Cavalli Opens Saint-Tropez Café Roberto Cavalli Opens Saint-Tropez Café    

Brigette Bardot’s Peugeot 206 for Sale on eBay

World famous French actress, Brigette Bardot has put her grey Peugeout 206 for sale on
Ebay. It is the advertisement which you can find on the site of sale in line eBay under the heading Car belonging to Brigitte Bardot for sale. The announcement was published on Bruno Ricards blog, a keen fan and collector of Bardot memorabilia and then launched later on Ebay. 78th years old actress, singer and fashion model, Brigette Bardot bought the car in 2003. Bardot’s usually and simple designed Peugeout 206, which is driven with a total of 12,250 km is now available for the sum of €10,000 ($13,300). Actually, she hopes to get that much. Brigette Bardot's Peugeot 206 for Sale on eBay The advertisement indicated: With its ideal architecture, Peugeot 206 was affirmed like a model of reference. Its tended lines, its windshield curvature in very advanced position and its cat-like glance reveal an extraordinarily racée personality.  It also states that the vehicle is to be collected from Saint Tropez.

$2.6 Million Champagne Bill Spice up Your Saint Tropez Vacation

A pair of rival billionaires set a new world record Thursday (July, 22nd)  night at Les Caves du Roy nightclub in St. Tropez with an East vs. West contest to see who could order the most champagne. Zhen Low, the younger brother of the Malaysian tycoon Jho Low, became involved in a competition with Winston Fisher, a New York property developer, to see who could order more £600 ($930) bottles of Cristal for their friends. In the end, Zhen Low turned out to be the winner when he made for a whopping $2.6 million champagne bill.