SCHEHERAZADE by Selected Jewels

Selected Jewels presents a composition of selected jewels and trinkets of superlatives. The interaction of the highest standards of the jeweler’s craftsmanship, the diverse and endless beauty of nature and the special uniqueness is reflected in each of the graceful gems. Selected Jewels makes its mission to bring this triad to life, and gives you the possibility to underline your own personality through a selected piece of jewelry. Each of the gems and jewels is unique, and exerts its effect by consummate splendor and grace. Each of the individual gems is surrounded by a very special veil of mystery.
SCHEHERAZADE by Selected Jewels Today, we introduce SCHEHERAZADE to you. That’s magnificent earrings made of 18 carat white gold, set with diamonds 0,50 carat, tsavorithes and sapphires totalling 5,20 carat. Their goldsmithes have been inspired by 1001 night by creating this little treasure, and the combination of the colored gemstones (green tsavorithes and blue sapphires) is really an eyecatcher and highlight. Priced at €3,750 ($4,730), SCHEHERAZADE is available online at Selected Jewels. SCHEHERAZADE by Selected Jewels SCHEHERAZADE by Selected Jewels

Unlock Your Mercedes-Benz with Selected Jewels’ Golden Key

Yesterday we wrote about
some most unusual and most expensive car accessories. But, we just now saw one more example which can be classified in the same category. Selected Jewels – a German firm specialising in the production and retail of exquisite and breath-taking jewellery presented an innovative jewelry masterpiece – the Golden Key for Mercedes-Benz. This special car key is made out of 18 carat solid gold set with 300 diamonds gemstones totaling 3,14 carat. Unlock Your Mercedes-Benz with Selected Jewels' Golden Key Each car key is handcrafted in Germany and manufactured individually to the customers wishes and needs. The possibilities are unlimited for the discerning and select clientele: rose, white and yellow gold plus platinum, the full range of brilliant high-class gemstones together with the ability to have it personally engraved, make each of these pieces of jewellery truly unique. Unlock Your Mercedes-Benz with Selected Jewels' Golden Key The concept is to supplant the standard plastic key and instead create harmony between the bespoke Golden Key and the elegant luxurious vehicle. In this way, the personality and individual style of each car owner can be accentuated. Unlock Your Mercedes-Benz with Selected Jewels' Golden Key Unlock Your Mercedes-Benz with Selected Jewels' Golden Key