Light Up Your Feet with Absolute Lumière Shoes by Cesare Paciotti

In today’s shoe business, hardly anything can be surprising. After world’s first wearable 24-karat gold shoes women is becoming increasingly difficult to charm novelties. But, for Italian brand,
Cesare Paciotti was a challange to design futuristic shoes, appropriate dubbed as Absolute Lumière (Absolute light), just in time for Christmas. Made of black suede leather shoes and adorned with a multitude of small LED bulbs, this unique shoes can light up according to the desire. LED Studded Pumps By Cesare Paciotti Kicks Off The Festive Season The secret is in a special button built into the sole of the shoes, when clicked, you light up your feet. Unveiled during the Paris Fashion Week, Absolute Lumière are available in Paris in time for the holidays for €1,000 ($1,350). LED Studded Pumps By Cesare Paciotti Kicks Off The Festive Season

World’s First All Solid Platinum Stilleto by Borgezie

British bespoke jewellers
House of Borgezie has just unveiled the world’s first all-platinum stilettos. Costing £70,000 ($112,000), the Borgezie Platinum Cleopatra Stiletto is the brainchild of designer Christopher Shellis. The company is now taking orders for the bespoke sandals. This unique pair took four years to develop due to the high temperatures and complex techniques required to work with platinum. Each pair took Christopher over one hundred hours to complete. In addition to platinum, the stilettos – which come with a 1,000-year guarantee – are available in 18-carat yellow or white gold. These versions are bit cheaper – £60,000 ($95,800). House of Borgezie fashions a solid platinum stiletto for $112,000 “They are treasures that will last forever,” Shellis said. “We only launched them 40 hours ago and we’ve already had a lot of interest in China.” Customers who place orders for the shoe will receive a bespoke fitting service, which includes a personal visit from the team and a measuring session – to make sure the platinum is molded explicitly for their feet. It’s the least they can do for that kind of money. Back in 2010 The House of Borgezie unveiled the “Eternal Diamond” stiletto. Also handcrafted from solid gold, the shoe which also comes with a 1,000-year guarantee features 2,200 diamonds. House of Borgezie fashions a solid platinum stiletto for $112,000

New Jordan’s Derek Jeter 3K Collection

Jordan's Derek Jeter 3K Collection Jordan’s Derek Jeter 3K Collection Now it looks like Derek Jeter will almost certainly get his historic 3,000th hit at home! Jordan Brand has unveiled its DJ3K collection of kicks and gear in honor of Jeter’s achievements. This new collection features a trainer shoe, a cleat and a special pair of batting gloves. It’s the 10th time that Jeter has inspired a featured shoe through Jordan Brand. Jordan Jeter training sneaker have been designed in special colorways, complete with gold accents on the outsoles, specifically for #2. The training sneakers are maroon, a color that pays tribute to Jeter’s alma mater in Western Michigan, Kalamazoo Central High School. Both pairs of shoes contain insoles with a special printing — the “contract” that his father, Dr. Charles Jeter, wrote and had him sign on his first day of high school, that promised the rising star would work hard to become the best baseball player he could. The same contract has been screened on the special edition shoe boxes.

Shine Wherever You go with Montblanc’s Shoe Polish Kit

Montblanc’s Shoe Polish Kit Montblanc’s Shoe Polish Kit Avoid the hassle of finding a good shoe polisher at your destination with the Montblanc’s Shoe Polish Kit. Simple yet elegant, it’s not only serves the purpose of putting your best shoe forward well, but it does it with a superlative elegance that once was the privy of the royalty. Made of high quality embossed calf leather, the box comes with shoe polish in black and neutral, brush, plain cloth and shoehorn. Now step out in style and shine wherever you go with this $250 Montblanc Shoe Polish Kit.

Selfridges Launch The World’s Largest Shoe Department

Selfridges - The World's Largest Shoe Department Selfridges – The World’s Largest Shoe Department UK-based department store chain Selfridges has unveiled the world’s biggest shoe department named Selfridges Shoe Galleries in London, designed by Canadian architect Jamie Fobert. Located on the award-winning store’s second floor, the super-sized Shoe Galleries will house more than 4,000 shoes from 120 brands, including 35 new labels and more than 30 exclusive styles designed just for the retailer. 35,000 sq ft the mega shoe hall is the largest shoe department in the world. Bigger than the huge ground floor of London’s Tate Modern, it has taken 3 years of planning and 300 days of construction.

Santoni Driving Shoes designed especially to compliment the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

If You are proud owner luxurious car like the
Mercedes SLS AMG, you would definitely like to be dressed in the best of attire to match your stylish car.

Santoni Driving Shoes for Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Italian fashion house Santoni has got just right footwear for You. Specially designed and crafted to compliment the SLS AMG, the Santoni driving shoes are certified by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile.

Blazer Pentium 1.0 Nike – I wonder where is my old PC?

If you loved your PCs and your kicks, you’re sure to love these. ‘Junk artist’ Gabriel Dishaw has re-imagined the Nike Blazer – complete with box – using scrapped circuit boards, copper wire and other technology refuse. Titled Nike Blazer Pentium 1.0, this is the first part of a series of classic sneakers — and we must say, this one looks pretty good.

Blazer Pentium 1.0 Nike

As you can see, there is some serious attention to detail and shoes lock down inside of box for easy portability. Go to Gabriel Dishaw official site to  inquire about purchasing some art for yourself, but not before getting a closer look or two after the break.