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    World’s First All Solid Platinum Stilleto by Borgezie

    British bespoke jewellers House of Borgezie has just unveiled the world’s first all-platinum stilettos. Costing £70,000 ($112,000), the Borgezie Platinum Cleopatra Stiletto is the brainchild of designer Christopher Shellis. The company is now taking orders for the bespoke sandals. This unique pair took four years to develop due to the high temperatures and complex techniques […] More

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    Sergio Toro’s Wild Footwear Collection

    If you prefer wild style and if you’re supporter of wearing 8 inch high shoes, then you’ll adore new Sergio Toro’s Wild Footwear Collection. Sergio Toro is a luxury design house based in New York, whose philosophy is reflected in avant-garde style and detailed craftsmanship of their products. Inspired by the more mysterious side of […] More

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    New Jordan’s Derek Jeter 3K Collection

    Jordan’s Derek Jeter 3K Collection Now it looks like Derek Jeter will almost certainly get his historic 3,000th hit at home! Jordan Brand has unveiled its DJ3K collection of kicks and gear in honor of Jeter’s achievements. This new collection features a trainer shoe, a cleat and a special pair of batting gloves. It’s the 10th time […] More

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    Shine Wherever You go with Montblanc’s Shoe Polish Kit

    Montblanc’s Shoe Polish Kit Avoid the hassle of finding a good shoe polisher at your destination with the Montblanc’s Shoe Polish Kit. Simple yet elegant, it’s not only serves the purpose of putting your best shoe forward well, but it does it with a superlative elegance that once was the privy of the royalty. Made […] More

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    Selfridges Launch The World’s Largest Shoe Department

    Selfridges – The World’s Largest Shoe Department UK-based department store chain Selfridges has unveiled the world’s biggest shoe department named Selfridges Shoe Galleries in London, designed by Canadian architect Jamie Fobert. Located on the award-winning store’s second floor, the super-sized Shoe Galleries will house more than 4,000 shoes from 120 brands, including 35 new labels […] More

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    Blazer Pentium 1.0 Nike – I wonder where is my old PC?

    If you loved your PCs and your kicks, you’re sure to love these. ‘Junk artist’ Gabriel Dishaw has re-imagined the Nike Blazer – complete with box – using scrapped circuit boards, copper wire and other technology refuse. Titled Nike Blazer Pentium 1.0, this is the first part of a series of classic sneakers — and […] More