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    Steve Braithwaite’s Banana Car

    So far we have seen various designs of cars. Some were successful and some complete failures. Steve Braithwaite (54), the Briton who now lives in the US state of Indiana, spent $25,000 to become the owner of the unique vehicles, car in the form of a huge banana. Originally, he planned to invest in the […] More

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    Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond In The Ratio Of 1:18

    Top Gear show is, you’ll agree, the best show for motor vehicles, especially for cars. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and mystery driver The Stig takes us through the automotive world in a completely different, funnier, more attractive way without boring statistical data and a lot of drive and action. Sometimes, it seems that […] More

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    Porsche 911 Sky-High Sculpture

    911 sculpture that was designed to celebrate fifty years of the model is set in front of Goodwood House and consists of three 911 models. Porsche will record a large presence in the maintenance of this year’s event as the special focus will be on the history of the model 911. Gerry Judah designed this […] More