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Single Malt – New Fragrance by By Kilian

Single Malt is new oriental fragrance for women and men by By Kilian. This exclusive scent, created for the brand’s boutique in Harrod’s Salon de Parfums, is an homage to London and its most emblematic liquor: Whisky. Developed by perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur, Single Malt features top note of plum; middle note of wheat, while the […]

The Glen Grant 50 Year Old – Campari’s Oldest and Most Expensive Whisky to Date

Campari has unveiled the Glen Grant 50 Year Old – its oldest and most expensive whisky to date. This special expression was placed in sherry casks in 1963 by current Glen Grant master distiller Dennis Malcolm, who, at the time, was unaware that this liquid gold would ultimately shape his destiny. It slowly matured for […]

The Macallan in Lalique V: The Spiritual Home – Very Rare 62 Years Old Single Malt

Collaboration between Macallan and Lalique continues with the same zeal and success. Latest masterpiece emerged by this team is The Macallan in Lalique V: The Spiritual Home. Scottish whiskey distiller The Macallan and French crystal-maker Lalique are introducing the precious whisky – very rare 62 years old Macallan single malt encased in beautifully engraved crystal! […]

Laphroaig Càirdeas Port Wood Edition Whiskey

Malt whiskey is whiskey that is made exclusively from barley. Each whiskey in the group must be named by his distillery, so we have, The Glenlivet, Scapa, Glendronach, Laphroaig whiskey. This can be divided Vatted Malt, if a number of distilleries and single malt, whiskey from a single distillery, but for different barrel. Laphroaig single […]

Macallan Limited Edition Bottling Pays Tribute To Queen Elizabeth

The Edrington Group has launched its latest limited edition bottling of The Macallan and has been released to commemorate the 60 anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. The Macallan has already launches on the market limited editions in honor of the Royal Family like the Royal Marriage to celebrate Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in […]

The Glenlivet Alpha – New Mystery Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

The Glenlivet, the world’s No. 2 single malt Scotch whisky, has decided to spark our interests by launching The Glenlivet Alpha; a new, mystery expression released without cask information or tasting notes. This mystery Single Malt Scotch Whisky is packed in black bottle without declaration. Also, barrel tasting notes, or information not included in the […]

Bunnahabhain Release Rare 40yo Islay Single Malt

Founded in 1881, Bunnahabhain Distillery is nestled in a spectacular setting on the curve of a remote bay on the North East coast of Islay. Taking its name from the Gaelic word meaning “mouth of the river”, the distillery uses the water from the Margadale Spring which filters through the limestone hills retaining a crisp […]